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Adel Farooq – Akhiyaan Nu Rehn De (Tribute to Late Reshma Jee)

by Rizwan Shaikh - on Nov 16th 2013

adel-farooq-akhiyan-nu-rehn-deArtist: Adel Farooq
Song: Akhiyaan Nu Rehn De (more…)

Legendary Folk Singer Reshma Jee Died In Lahore

by Danish Mughal - on Nov 3rd 2013
Reshma Jee Died in Lahore

According to confirmed TV reports, Legendary Pakistani Folk Singer Reshma Jee Died Today(November 3, 2013) in Lahore.  انا لله وانا اليه راجعون She was diagnosed earlier with Cancer and was admitted in a hospital of Lahore. According to some reports, she died of throat cancer. Her funeral Prayers will be held today. In...

Video: Quratulain Balouch (QB) Akhiyaan Nu (Cover) feat Saad Sultan & Aamir Aly

by Danish Mughal - on Jul 24th 2011

Quratulain Balouch Akhiyan Nu Music VideoSong: Akhiyan Nu

Original by : Reshma

Singer : Quratulain Balouch (QB)

Audio Recorded and Produced by Saad Sultan @ Sidereal Studios

Video by Saqib Siddiqui (Team ZDS Productions)

Go here to download mp3 of Quratulain Balouch’s Akhiyan Nu

Watch out the Official Music Video of Quratulain Balouch:


Video: Arooj Aftab – Na Ja Balam Pardes (Live in Brooklyn, New York)

by Danish Mughal - on May 18th 2011

Arooj AftabArooj Aftab is the second Pakistani after Mekaal Hasan, who studied in Berklee School Of  Music on a Steve Vai Scholarship. She is an acclaimed Sufi Musician, Vocalist and Songwriter and has paid tribute to Sufi Legends like Abida Parveen and Reshma.

The famous western musician Steve Vai has said about Arooj: “A girl like this, with drive and ability and goals, she’s going to inspire a lot of people. That’s how you get evolution.”

I am sharing here today his latest new live performance, and wondering If she should be part of Coke Studio Season 4 or not ? would definitely like to hear from you as some/many people also call this artist ‘over-rated’. What do you say ? Over-rated or under-rated ? Is she really a Coke Studio material ? or I have lost my mind today.

Enjoy the performance now: *not easy stuff to digest* (more…)

Quratulain Balouch to release a music video for “Akhiyan Nu Ren Day”

by Danish Mughal - on Apr 30th 2011

Quratulain Balouch QBQuratulain Balouch a.k.a QB is planning to make and release a music video for Akhiyan Nu Ren day – an old classic Punjabi track first sung by Reshma – later covered by Atif Aslam and now QB.

The upcoming singer who covered the old track and release it online via internet received an overwhelming response from the listeners. The track got viral within no time and she managed to get two thousand plus fans on her Facebook page. Then, we broke the big news that Quratulain Balouch(Q.B) is in Coke Studio, which made her even more credible and ‘worth keeping eye artist’.

Something about the track: Akhiyan Nu Ren Day”

The hit punjabi song has had the old history of being used again and again. Sometimes ripped or otherwise covered in a concert. ‘Akhiyan Nu Ren Day’ was first ripped in Raj Kapoor’s hit movie ‘Bobby’, where Lata Jee sung the song as ‘Akhion ko rehnay day, Akhion ke Aas Pass’. Then later in 2008, Atif Aslam revived this great track to give tribute to Reshma in Lux Style Awards . (more…)

Tribute to Reshma – Hath Jorhnee Aan (Music Video)

by Danish Mughal - on Apr 21st 2011

A Tribute to Reshma
Song: Hath Jorhnee Aan
Artish: Reshma
Album: Pakivas
Composition & Lyrics: Reshma
Costume: Hajra Hayat
Executive Producer: Yousaf Sallahuddin
Producer: Izzat Majeed / Soofi Mushtaq
Director: Sohail Javed

to know more about this video, read this piece by Hani Taha : Paying Homage to the Queen of Folk

Quratulain Balouch(QB) in Coke Studio Season4

by Danish Mughal - on Feb 16th 2011

Pakistani Female Singer Quratulain BalouchRemember that female vocalist in last season of Coke Studio, who claimed her fame by singing a folk song ‘Alif Allah Chambay Dee Bootee’ with Arif Lohar. What was the name of the lady ? Oh Yeah, Meesha Shafi ! Quite popular name now in Pakistan. We were wondering who’s going to make it big like Meesha in Coke Studio Season4 and here we have the news. Quratulain Balouch will be the Meesha Shafi of Coke Studio Season 4.

Our sources revealed this news to us last week, but since we had no Official confirmation of the news it couldn’t be broken earlier. But now we have just confirmed with sources closed to QB  about her inclusion and they replied in an affirmative answer.

Those who are wondering what’s this unheard name and how can she make it as big as Meesha Shafi, will surely see it happening in Coke Studio. But Let us introduce our readers to this hot new female sensation, prior to the sessions, who can take Coke Studio by storm.

Her fanpage reads her biography as : (more…)