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Naya Pakistan (Official Music Video)

by Danish Mughal - on Mar 18th 2013

The Official Music Video of the smashing hit and new patriotic anthem is finally out now. You know what I am talking about, Yeah! Its Naya Pakistan with a brand new In Studio video release. The track has already created a huge buzz with its single release last month. If you don’t know it already, the song Naya Pakistan managed to...

Salman Ahmed’s BBC Interview on ‘Naya Pakistan’

by Faizan Ali - on Feb 24th 2013
Salman Ahmed BBC Interview

Fans of the Pakistani music industry received a severe blow to their hearts in 1998 – the year when the country’s dominant pop band Vital Signs decided to call it a day as a band. Salman Ahmed joined the sufi-rock band Junoon. Nusrat Hussain became a pilot for Pakistan International Airlines. Shahzad Hasan focused on music production....

Government should restore Youtube – Says Junaid Jamshed

by Faizan Ali - on Feb 7th 2013
Govt Should Restore Youtube

Junaid Jamshed is  active in the news these days- first with his new project “Naya Pakistan“- with collaboration of Junoon, and now with his statement in favor of Youtube. It has been a while since govt banned youtube, which has badly affected the growth of Pakistani music industry. The ban of YouTube has been protested...

Naya Pakistan – Song Promo

by Danish Mughal - on Feb 3rd 2013

naya pakistan song promo

So Here it is! the very first song promo/teaser of Naya Pakistan featuring the legendary Pakistani bands Vital Signs, Junoon along with Junaid Jamshed.

Take a listen to the anthem below: reminds so much of Junoon days!