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Ali Zafar’s Visa Request Wasn’t Turned Down, Says Publicist

by Faizan Ali - on Mar 31st 2013
Ali Zafar

Ali Zafar, the most promising actor cum singer pakistan has ever produced – lies among the list of those who by all means not at all resistible in the talented music industry of the both pakistan and its neighbouring country. Sadly when Ali couldn’t attend a promotional event for his upcoming film Chashme Baddoor, it was reported...

Shazaf Fatima Launched her debut Novel titled as “How It Happened”

by Faizan Ali - on Mar 15th 2013

Shazaf Fatima Haider, a Karachi based writer has launched her debut novel titled as “How it happened”. Shazaf’s book talks about the funny side of arranged marriages and how the various cultural backgrounds in Pakistan add more humour to the phenomenon. The theme of the novel is like How exactly strangers met in contrived...

Meera To Give Up Pakistan For India

by Faizan Ali - on Mar 12th 2013

When it comes to Meera, Hot buzz has always surrounded her. Now it seems as if Meera is following the foot steps of  Veena Malik in the formation of controversies. The latest controversy on her list is that the Lollywood actress has decided not to return to Pakistan and she would prefer to stay in India. Meera has blamed the injustice...

Cheapmunks Controversy: Other Side of the Story!

by Danish Mughal - on Jan 14th 2013
Cheapmunks Controversy

As we reported earlier that viral band Cheapmunks had been taken over by Guitarists, Hamza Quddusi and Danyal Pervaiz, we have now got response from the two accused, who have their own side of story to tell our readers. According to the boys, they were NEVER session players but actually the co founders and permanent members of the band....

Usman Riaz not to perform with AR Rahman

by Faizan Ali - on Jan 2nd 2013
Usman Riaz not to perform with AR Rahman

Usman Riaz, a 21 old guitarist and music prodigy – who earned recognition by the viral video of himself playing the guitar on stage in Scotland, is now disappointed as his plans to perform with worlds renowned musician AR Rehman are shattered and would now be just a dream. Riaz is unable to go to the neighbouring country due to some...

Sur Kshetra Episode 29 [Pre-Finale Rounds]

by Rizwan Shaikh - on Dec 23rd 2012
Sur Kshetra 23rd December 2012 Video Watch Online pt1  Watching on UpBulk

After 28 successful episodes, Sur Kshetra episode 29 (Pre Finale Round) went live today on Geo TV in Pakistan and on Sahara One and Colors TV in India. Today’s guest was renown Bollywood Actor Anil Kapoor and in today’s episode two more contestants are eliminated from the competition. We already know who will remain till...

Sur Kshetra Grand Finale Winner Name is Nabeel Shaukat Ali

by Faizan Ali - on Dec 21st 2012
Sur Kshetra Grand Finale Winner Name is Nabeel Shaukat Ali

Pakistan and India both have fought many raging battles, sometimes with bat & ball in the cricket field, sometimes with a stick toying the ball on a hockey surface. But one other battle was more challenging as well as demanding, and was named as Sur Kshetra. From years, versatile musicians have fought for the ultimate pride but Sur...