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Last Episode of Coke Studio Season 4 (Complete Show Videos)

by Danish Mughal - on Jul 17th 2011

Coke Studio Season 4Watch below the complete 5th and last episode of Coke Studio Season 4. The 22 Videos in total, with total length of 1 hour 14 minutes, feature and tells the story of all those Pakistani Musicians who were part of the 4th Season of Pakistan’s remarkable music show Coke Studio.

With this, the wait for another brilliant Coke Studio Season has just begun. Lets say Farewell to this 4th successful season of Coke Studio.

Watch now the last episode of Coke Studio:

Sanam Marvi to lend her Sufi vocals for a US Music Project

by Danish Mughal - on Jul 5th 2011

Sanam MarviSanam Marvi has been into Pakistani Sufi Music scene for quite long time. Born in Hyderabad and grew up in an interior city of Sindh, Dadu, she has made her quite good name in the music industry and has performed at various musical platforms. She has also toured foreign countries to represent classical and Sufi Music and one notable performance by Marvi was in Dubai recently at World Music Festival. But, she got real fame and recognition at mainstream level after she appeared in Coke Studio Season3 and then this year’s Coke Studio Season4.

The latest from her side is, she has signed a contract with some US music producers who will soon be sending her their compositions to add her vocals into it. (more…)

The Sketches Mandh Waai in Coke Studio (Video/Mp3/Lyrics)

by Danish Mughal - on Jul 4th 2011

The Sketches Band in Coke Studio Season 4 Episode 4The story of The Sketches’ inception goes back to 2003, when Samejo, an English Literature student, and Naeem Shah, a Fine Arts student met at Jamshoro University and bonded over similar tastes in music. Shah would play the guitar and Samejo would hum along. Both musicians have a deep and abiding love for their cultural heritage and their interests range from sufi poetry and folk legends to the revival of traditional instruments and the indigenous music of the shrines. Finally they make it big in 2011 and perform at the most prestigious musical platform of the country i.e Coke Studio.

Watch/Listen The Sketches Mandh (Waai) at Coke Studio:

Download Audio




What’s in Coke Studio Episode 4 (Season 4) ?

by Reporter - on Jun 30th 2011

Coke Studio Season 4 Episode 4

Coke Studio’s Episode 4 offers audiences a series of musical excursions to various regions across the country. The selection represents not just a cross section of musical diversity – it reveals the cultural significance of music to an ethnic identity. The episode features songs in five regional languages: Sindhi, Brahvi, Punjabi, Siraiki and Braj, in addition to Urdu. From obscure indigenous song-craft to the more widely recognizable genres of music, languages and dialects convey the spirit and essence of a region and express the unique cultural characteristics of a people. (more…)

Coke Studio S4 Episode 2 (Playlist of Complete Videos-BTS-Post Moments)

by Danish Mughal - on Jun 5th 2011

Coke Studio Episode 2 BTS and POST MomentsHere is the complete video playlist of Coke Studio Season 4 Episode 2 featuring Sajjad Ali, Kaavish, Ataullah Khan Esa Khelvi, Asif Samraat & Zoe Viccaji and Fareed Ayaz and Abu Muhammad.
The below embedded video playlist includes back to back videos in a sequence, thus you don’t need to click ‘Play’ again and again or change the pages to watch the different video each time.

Just Play it once and it will show you the complete videos of 2nd episode of Coke Studio one by one, which includes the opening title, Official finalized performances, BTS of each song and post moments after each performance.

Enjoy the complete episode without any interruption :    😉

TIP #1: If you want to skip any video, just click on the ‘next’ arrow on the right side of the video and it will move to next video.

TIP # 2: If you are on an internet connection with speed over 1 MB, don’t forget to click on ‘360’ two times, to view the Coke Studio videos in High Definition 720p resolution.

Coke Studio Season 4 Episode 2 (Pictures)

by Waqas Sarwar - on Jun 1st 2011

Coke Studio Season 4 Episode 2 will be on-aired on 5th June 2011 and will feature the following Artists:

1. Asif Samraat and Zoe Viccaji

2. Ataullah Khan Esa Khelvi

3. Kaavish

4. Sajjad Ali

5. Fareed Ayaz and Abu Muhammad

Here are the Exclusive Pictures of Coke Studio Season4:


Coke Studio Season 4(Four) Episode 2 Previews

by Danish Mughal - on May 29th 2011

Check out Coke Studio Season 4 – Episode 2 Previews featuring Kaavish, Sajjad ali, Ataullah Esa Khelvi, Asif Samraat and Zoe Viccaji & Fareed Ayaz & Abu Muhammad

Asif Hussain Samraat and Zoe Viccaji – Senraan Ra Baairya

httpvh://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9pzOEf5ovNQ&list=UL (more…)