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Yet Another Pakistani Student Zohaib Asad gets 28 A Grades in O Levels

by Danish Mughal - on Aug 26th 2011

Syed Zohaib Asad 28 A Grades Holder in O LevelsIf we say that young Pakistani students have got the key of making records in Cambridge education system, so it won’t be wrong. First Ali Moeen Nawazish set a World record of having 21 As then it was Ibrahim Shahid who managed to secure 23 As in O Levels and now, we have got another bright student into the list.

According to Geo News, another bright Pakistani student Syed Zohaib Asad has secured 28 A Grades in O Levels. Zohaib is also given with an “outstanding learner award”.

While talking to the news reporter, Zohaib told that a Canadian University has given him admission and he will soon be moving there & joining the University.

Syed Zohaib Asad while commenting on our story wrote:

Thanks to everyone. InshAllah I’m going for a course which I plan to use in the future in Pakistan, its necessary to study from those professors who are experts in the field of economic development at McGill University, I hope u all understand. Truly the point behind it is to promote a better image of Pakistan in the world. I hope one day we r not seen as a corrupt nation. Just need your prayers :)

Read Ali Moeen Nawazish’s first column Shaoor Taaza (Daur-e-Nau)

by Danish Mughal - on Aug 12th 2011

Here is the very first Urdu column of Ali Moeen Nawazish, Shaoor-e-Taaza (daur-e-nau), published in today’s Jang Newspaper.

I thought to share this column with our readers here (as they mostly consists of young audience) to inspire and motivate them with the efforts, sincerity and dedication of this young champ.

In this column Ali talks about his personal life, his dreams, post-result life, career opportunities and why he decided to start his career from Pakistan and not from The World’s Best Organizations like “Google”, “Apple” and “Microsoft”. This column is definitely inspirational and I hope his presence in largest media group of Pakistan will help removing the suffocation that our youth often feels and breathe here.

Read out “Fresh Sense” ( Shaoor-e-Taaza ) – sounds like a “perfume label” yeah !!! 😉

English version of the column can be read here

Ali Moeen Nawazish's Column Shaoor Taaza Daur-e-Nau

Ali Moeen Nawazish joins Jang/Geo Group as Youth Ambassador

by Danish Mughal - on Aug 12th 2011

Ali Moeen Nawazish as Youth Ambassador of Jang-Geo GroupPakistan’s brilliant young mind and World record holder of 21 As in A level, Ali Moeen Nawazish, has stepped into his practical life and has joined Jang /Geo Group as its “Youth Ambassador”. He announced this today on “International Youth Day” via a status posted on his facebook page.

Ali Moeen Nawazish, who recently completed his graduation in political sciences from Cambridge University has decided to stay in Pakistan and serve his homeland. He has been appointed as a “Youth Ambassador” in leading Pakistani publication Jang, Geo and The News group. Ali Moeen will be writing columns regarding the issues of Pakistani youth and will also host talk shows to interact & raise voice of young minds. (more…)

Another Pakistani student scores a record of 23 As in O Level

by Danish Mughal - on Jan 24th 2011

Pakistani Student Ibrahim-Shahid-23-As in O LevelWe, the Pakistanis, are among one of the most intelligent and talented nations of the world. Still confused to say that? well we have just found out another ‘pride of nation’ in the form of a young bright student. Yes, Another Pakistani student named Ibrahim Shahid has just set a world record of securing 23 A’s, Yes! 23 A’s in O Level.

A Few years back, Ali Moeen Nawazish was the student who first set the World Record by securing 23 A’s in A levels and became the first student of setting up this record  in Cambridge’s 800 years history.

For complete story and to know more about Shahid and his success please Read the following news story as published in Express Tribune originally: (more…)