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Mathira Showing Solidarity With Gaza, Palestine Victims (Video Blog)

by Danish Mughal - on Jul 17th 2014

The infamous Pakistani model and actress Mathira Mohammed has said something which many of our politicians and even top celebrities are hesitating to talk about. In a recent video blog, Mathira talked about Palestine issue and showed solidarity with Gaza Victims. Mathira who is mostly known for her notorious acts, photoshoots and...

Qayaas shares the Guitar Tabs of Charkha Nolakha in a video blog

by Hassan S. - on May 23rd 2012
Qayaas shares the guitar tabs of Charkha Nolakha

Are you an Aspiring Musician? Do you love Coke Studio? Do you want the cover the New Coke Studio song ‘Charkha Nolakha’ by Atif Aslam & Qayaas but dont know how to play it? Well, You dont have to worry about it now. Here are the tabs for ‘Charkha Nolakha’ by none other than Khurram Waqar & Sarmad Ghafoor...

Qayaas Band’s Video Blog: Ask for Votes At INDIEGO Bite My Music Awards

by Arsalan - on Nov 28th 2011

Qayaas Video BlogPakistani Heavy Metal/RockBand Qayaas has released a video blog for its fans to ask for votes at INDIEGO. The Band is nominated for Best Rock Band , Vocalist, Video and Song in Asia at INDIEGO as part of Bite my Music Awards, which are considered as the World’s Largest Indie Awards.


Watch below Qayaas’ video blog:


and Download the PDF file to follow the guidelines to vote for the band:

Strings with Levis, launch video blog (Vblog) series

by Arfa Mahmood - on Oct 26th 2011

Strings Video BlogAfter the collaboration of Levi’s with Strings, the brand is now providing you the opportunity to interact with your Favorite band Strings via a Video Blog Series. Through this page, the fans can start a query session and can ask anything about String’s work in Pakistani music industry, their upcoming project and anything they want to ask.

In a video recorded by and released on Levi’s the Originals Youtube Channel, Strings told their fans about all this. At the very first video blog, the band’s front man and lead vocalist Faisal Kapadia said, “I think it’s a great time to acknowledge that and say to you guys but thank you so much for being our fans and you guys are our strength. (more…)

Sajjad Ali embraces social media, launches web based video blogs

by Danish Mughal - on Aug 7th 2011

Sajjad Ali Video BlogHow important social media and social networking is for musicians? this can also be understood by analyzing our “news feed” which mostly contains updates from our favorite artists and bands. We have seen this new trend more popular with new & young musicians but now legendary stars are also not far way and actually embracing the new media and its effectiveness.

In an interesting development today, Sajjad Ali, who made a successful comeback via Coke Studio this year, released today a video blog to engage with his fans and followers.

In the very first episode, he authorized the two accounts which were associated with his name, but fans were unsure about its authenticity. Sajjad Ali now confirms in his first video blog that he owns those official accounts and fans should subscribe/like them in order to get all the latest news updates and releases of him.

So before I further write any more, do check out the very interesting video blog by Sajjad Ali: (more…)

Overload feat. Club Caramel – Rolling in the Deep (Live at the Apartment)

by Danish Mughal - on Jul 20th 2011

Overload feat. Club Caramel Live at the Apartment

Overload teamed up with Club Caramel covering Adele’s Rolling in the Deep.

Vocals: Kiran Chaudhry

Guitar: Adnan Sarwar

Drums: Farhad Humayun

Keyboard: Shiraz Sadiq

Bass: Farhan Ali.



ICU – Mera Mahi [Cover] (Watch Video & Download Audio)

by Waqas Sarwar - on Jul 8th 2011

Check out ICU on Change The Tone Sessions on CityFM89!

Download Audio :  Mera Mahi

Watch the Music Video below: (more…)