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3 Pakistani celebrities nominated on “Times Most Desirable 2012” poll

by Bilal Asif - on Jan 13th 2013

It’s the end of 2nd week of 2013, and our artists have already started appearing on international polls. Itimes (site own by Indian’s largest media and entertainment group Times India) is an online polling website where fans vote for their favorite celebrities. Itimes declares the result once the poll ended; today the site started another poll under the label “Times Most Desirable 2012”, which is further divided in two categories Times Most Desirable Men 2012 and Times Most Desirable Women 2012.

Atif Aslam, Veena Malik & Ali Zafar nominated on itimes poll

43% in favor, 42% against Indian Channels in Pakistan [Survey]

by Hataf Siyal - on Apr 24th 2011

Gallup Survey PakistanIn a survey recently conducted by Gallup Pakistan, a nationally representative sample of men and women from all over the Pakistan were asked whether they are in favor of Indian television channels to be shown on our nation’s cable networks or not.

The result showed a tight tussle between the viewers as 43% were in favor and 42% against it, while 15% of the population gave no answer. In a follow-up question, a nationally representative sample of men and women from all over the Pakistan were asked the following ‘conspiratorial’ question:

Indian Channels running/airing on Pakistani CableSome people believe that the Indian content is being showed on Pakistani cable networks to distract the public eye whereas others say that they are clearly being shown on public demand. At the end of the question, they asked “What is your opinion?” And the outcome of this question proved that a majority of 51% rejected the ‘conspiracy’ behind the availability of Indian channels and 26% agreed with the proposition, while 23% had no answer.

With our ‘dead’ entertainment industry (except the pop music that has been redefined after the success of the epic Coke Studio), do you people prefer to watch Indian television channels on our cable networks or not? Cast in your feedback!

The detailed survey with Graphs and additional information can be read here

65% of Pakistani Music Fans want Coke Studio to go on [POLL Results]

by Danish Mughal - on Feb 8th 2011

People are not tired of Coke Studio yet, they want  and expecting a lot more out of it, as evident by the Poll we setup last week.

Though the voters turn out was not so great, as we also closed it after almost a week. But still it gives an idea about the general mindset of viewers and listeners. We were of the view that the show has achieved its purpose and has been considered a success. Before it starts losing its credibility(which it slightly lost in Coke Studio Season3) and engagement it should be ended. However, not every one think that way and we just gave them a chance to EXPRESS that.

Here are the detailed results of the Poll:

coke studio season 4 poll result