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Armeena Rana Khan Features in French Pop-Star Abbas Hasan’s Highly Awaited Single Sweet Girl

by Rizwan Shaikh - on Nov 11th 2015

french-pop-star-abbas-hasans-highly-awaited-single-sweet-girl-featuring-armeena-rana-khan (9)

French pop-star Abbas Hasan, who was recently signed on as a brand ambassador for the international fashion brand Mastrioni, will be releasing his much awaited single Sweet Girl on 19th November, 2015. The video, which has been shot across Europe, features Actress/Model Armeena Rana Khan as Abbas’ co-star. Some images from the music video have been released to give the audience an idea of what to expect. (more…)

Ishq Benaam – Synopsis and Pictures

by Arsalan - on Nov 9th 2015

Ishq Benaam HUM Drama

The story of HUM’s newest soap Ishq Benaam highlights the lifestyles of two very different classes of our society. Ishq Benaam deals with the plight and hardships faced by the underprivileged, and the lack of respect for relations by the privileged. The story unfolds in an impoverished household where Naheed’s struggle and fight with her poverty seem to grow with each passing day. Her daughters Khushbu and Areeba are of age and their only brother is handicapped, unable to support the family. The family’s sufferings grow worse when Naheed Begum’s elder daughter Khushbu gets divorced before even leaving the marriage lawn. Areeba, who considers poverty to be their biggest enemy, decides to step out of the house in search of a better future. In an interesting turn of events Areeba fulfills all her wishes and dreams but somewhere along the road loses not only her loved ones but her family as well. (more…)

Mahira Khan and Farhan Saeed shine in Masala Awards in UAE

by Arsalan - on Nov 7th 2015

Mahira Khan Masala Awards 2015 1

One of the most awaited awards shows of the year, the Masala Awards were held on 5th November, 2015 in Dubai. Honoring the incredible triumphs of the Asian community in the UAE, the Masala! Awards represented the best the region has to offer. The gorgeous Mahira Khan won the Award for Best Actress while Farhan Saeed was awarded the Most Promising Singer. (more…)

Overload to perform at South West Festival, USA

by admin - on Nov 3rd 2015

Farhad Humayoun Overload

Asia’s loudest band Overload is set to perform six shows throughout the city of Austin, in Texas U.S.A in March 2016. The band has been invited because of their unique sound and super charged live shows which have created a stir with the world audience since 2003. (more…)

Na Dil Deti – Synopsis and pictures

by admin - on Nov 3rd 2015

Na Dil Deti drama Hum Sitare

HUM Sitaray’s Na Dil Deti is a tale of two young girls left to fend for themselves after the accidental death of their parents. Uroosa, the older of the two, is in relationship with Saqib, who is very supportive and caring but Saqib’s mother wants him to marry his cousin in a watta satta. Between her and her daughter they weave a web of lies and misunderstandings so that they can achieve their own ends. (more…)

Bashar Momin couple to reunite in Bheeghi Palkein

by admin - on Nov 3rd 2015

Bheeghi Palkein drama

TV star Faisal Qureshi and TV actress Ushna Shah who mesmerized audiences with their riveting performances and onscreen chemistry in the hit LSA-nominated TV serial Bashar Momin are to be reunited once again in director Furqan Khan’s upcoming Bheeghi Palkein, to be aired on A-Plus famous for such hits as; Mera Naam Yousuf Hai and Aunn Zarra and Kaneez. (more…)

Say it with Pepsi Emoji

by Arsalan - on Nov 1st 2015

Emoji Pepsi 2

Be it sign language, written, verbal or oral, if we know each other, it has become possible just because of our communications. It is the basic tool to interact with others. With the growth of technology, and boom of social media, the communications experts another interesting thing to express emotions, which they named as Emojis. Today, these Emojis are considered the best way to express your emotions on social media. Pepsi, a leading soft drink brand in world found an opportunity in this and introduced #SayItWithPepsi campaign, a limited time customized cans and bottles. (more…)