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Bin Roye Music Review

by admin - on Jul 16th 2015

Untitled-1 copy

One had thought that gone are the days when a film’s entire musical score could catch the fancy of music lovers. One could cite here the examples of ‘Ashiqui’ and ‘Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak’ in India and ‘Yeh Dil Aap Ka Huwa’, ‘Choorriyaan’ and ‘Majaajan’ in Pakistan in the not too distant past. But of late it had been regarded as more than sufficient for a film to become memorable if it boasted just one or two popular songs – mostly item numbers. (more…)

Main Hoon Shahid Afridi Songs Review

by Danish Mughal - on Aug 23rd 2013
Main hoon Shahid AFridi songs review

After such a long time, another Pakistani movie “Main Hoon Shahid Afridi” has caught the attention of ordinary Pakistanis . The movie named after the cricket star Shahid Afridi is finally releasing on 23rd August, 2013 in Cinemas nationwide. Though, the movie was heavily promoted by ARY group on its TV channel through trailers...

Love Mein Ghum Music Review

by Hataf Siyal - on Sep 2nd 2011

Love Mein Ghum Music ReviewThe cinema of Pakistan, which we all call by the name of Lollywood; after going through a deteriorating phase, is trying hard day in and day out to survive and somehow revive the film industry.

Earlier this year, Shoaib Mansoor’s directorial venture Bol, which starred Atif Aslam in it, paved the way – after delivering a hit film – for Reema Khan’s Love Mein Ghum.

The official soundtrack for the movie Love Mein Ghum is finally out which carries compositions from several artists, locally and internationally; M. Arshad, Najat Ali, Waqar Ali, Hunterz (UK), and Ravi Bal (UK).

Not only that, it comprises names such as Ali Zafar, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Kailash Kher, Shreya Goshal, Sunidhi Chauhan and Shaan in the vocals department – which only adds up into the overall expectations of the album. (more…)

BOL Movie’s Music Review

by Hataf Siyal - on Jun 5th 2011
BOL CD Cover Album Art

After the ennoble “Khuda Kay Liye”, critically acclaimed director-producer Shoaib Mansoor is all set to release his forthcoming flick entitled “Bol” that has the Pakistani heart-throb Atif Aslam in it as a lead actor. And apart from Atif as musician and actor, the ones who have contributed in the music of Bol are: Sajjad Ali,...

Ali Zafar- Jhoom (2011) Album Review

by Kartika Sharma - on Feb 15th 2011

Ali Zafar- Jhoom (2011) Album Review

By Kartika Sharma

Ali Zafar Holding Jhoom Album Cover

Ali Zafar Holding Jhoom Album Cover Image Courtesy : Ali Zafar's Twitter

The Immediate phrase which comes in mind with the name of Ali Zafar is “Prince of Pop” but this one time “Prince of Pop” has proved that he has much calibre in him than just being associated with the genre “Pop”. Jhoom -An much awaited album of Ali Zafar ever since he revealed that he is going to surprise his fans with something different. And he manages to do it with elan !!

The album kicks off with the title track “Jhoom” which is based on eastern classical beats. And listening to it for first time can make one associate the track with the rustic setting. Basically the song can be referred as a traditional love song. And to top it all we have Ali Zafar’s vocals which doesn’t fail to impress one at all. Overall the song succeeds in giving a soothing effect on the senses. (more…)

Zaain Ul Abideen’s “ZEAL” (Album Review)

by headmaster - on Jan 25th 2011

By Salman Siddique

I went through a video where Zaain UL Abideen visited a school! The video was titled “People’s Comments”. Well, that’s a lot of love Zaain has fetched from his listeners! Students were going on all crazy. Going crazy for your favorite is like affected with absent-ism now a days, if you attend concerts that is!

For those of you who don’t know much about Zaain Ul Abideen, he is not new to the industry. His album, by the way, is  ‘New’. Apart from Zeal”, Zaain has sung couple of OSTs and some Jingles too. But we are going to talk about the Album in the later part of the post.

So, what does Zaain’s Album “Zeal” include?Zaain debut album Zeal review

  1. Puch Mera Kya Naam
  2. Maahiya
  3. Chue chue
  4. Ayi Ayi
  5. Sayiaan Sayiaan
  6. Saanson Mein
  7. Saiyaan Saiyaan-Unplugged
  8. Chue Chue-Unlpugged

Zaain officialy released “Zeal” couple of days back.

The Album has Slow songs, Semi-Classical, Unplugged Versions and a total Hip-Hop track. This makes the album what we call balanced. Variety of sounds and instruments are used in the Album. I mean not just strumming the G-Chord in the whole song and ending it the same way! Thank goodness! My favorite is Chue Chue” by the way because I am listening it for quite a while now. (more…)

Annie’s new album Kya Yehi Piyar Hai delivers a whopping punch of disappointing mediocrity

by Waqas Sarwar - on Oct 10th 2010

Annie’s new album Kya Yehi Piyar Hai delivers a whopping punch… of disappointing mediocrity

By Amina Baig

Artist: Annie Khalid

Album: Kya Yehi Piyar Hai*

In the wake of listening to Annie Khalid’s new album, Kya Yehi Piyar Hai (KYPH), all one is left with is a toothache. And can you imagine what something that causes a toothache is like? Quite terrible. The other thing one is left with is a desperate scrambling for one’s brain cells. Whatever remains of them, that is. You must wonder if KYPH is as bad as all that. Please let me assure you that it is.

The album opens with the title track, ‘Kya Yehi Piyar Hai’, a fairly okay song. ‘KYPH’the song is all about the achings of a new love and the questions that go with it. This is the first single off KYPH and its video was released on TV not too long ago too. Yes the lyrics are trite at first listen and the tune is catchy, though nowhere as much as the infamous ‘Mahiya’ but after listening to the entire album, this is easily the best song in retrospect. The album closes off with a trance-ish version of ‘KYPH’ so this song makes its way into your subconscious, however begrudgingly you allow it to. (more…)