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‘Ajab Tamasha’ by Entity Paradigm [First Review]

by Faizan Ali - on Dec 2nd 2012
‘Ajab Tamasha’ by Entity Paradigm [REVIEW]

Head banging machine Fawad Afzal Khan and bombastic drummer Waqar Ahmed Khan may have left but that does not mean that the party is going to stop as Entity Paradigm – the most powerful band to modify Pakistani rock music – just released a music video for their new song titled ‘Ajab Tamasha’ yesterday; the 10th anniversary of the...

Mathira’s Jadugarni! Copies Akcent’s My Passion [REVIEW]

by Faizan Ali - on Sep 9th 2012

Mathira is Mathira. This too-hot-to-handle model and now unfortunately turned singer needs no introduction. But one thing that certainly needs an introduction is the song ‘My Passion’ from the Romanian dance-pop band, Akcent. The song became insanely popular due to being unique in the sense that its out-of-this-world beats and literally...

“Yaari” by Amanat Ali [REVIEW]

by Faizan Ali - on Sep 9th 2012

Despite nearly winning the 2007 Sa Re Ga Ma Oa, Amanat Ali managed to prove that he is indeed beyond it as he still rocked on stages while capturing the hearts of millions in both the countries. Now, the young singer is back on the big stage with the aims of making an impact with his second album titled ‘Aas’. [youtube width=”640″...

‘Jab Sey Tum’ by Hadiqa Kiani feat. Irfan Kiani [REVIEW]

by Faizan Ali - on Sep 7th 2012
hadiqa kiyani

Not many veterans in the Pakistani music industry have a reputation of being spotless when it comes to fulfilling the expectations of the fans and coming up with hit after another. Hadiqa Kiyani , who has been with the industry for 17 years through thick and thin, is one of those veterans who simply do not fade away and has proved it...

“Farebiyan Di Rani” by Sonu Dangerous [REVIEW]

Falak Fails to Impress with New Music Video ‘Intezaar’ [REVIEW]

by Faizan Ali - on Aug 28th 2012
Falak's Intezaar’

Somebody needs to tell Falak to come with some new material because composing songs about love and all that emotional stuff over and over again will not take him anywhere. For all the Falak fans out there, sorry to say but I call it like I see it and this review is not going to be a pretty one. His latest new song “Intezaar”...

“Dasht-e-Tanhai” by Meesha Shafi [Review]

by Faizan Ali - on Jul 8th 2012

If you have not seen the fifth episode of Coke Studio’s fifth season, then you have no right to call yourself a music fan because you have missed one hell of a performance: The fabulous Meesha Shafi sang the soothing song ‘Dasht-e-Tanhai’ with her powerful and sensual voice and considering the fact how exceptionally well her performance...