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The Sketches! – Main Sufi Hoon (Music Video Review)

by Hataf Siyal - on Apr 3rd 2013

The Sketches! – Main Sufi Hoon (Music Video Review) Originating from the vivacious city of Jamshoro, Sindh, the Sufi-pop-rock band The Sketches, comprising of vocalist Saif Samejo and guitarist Naeem Shah, has already climbed up the ladder of success in not just parts of Sindh but the entire Pakistan with popular hits such as “Mandh...

Review: Faraz Anwar – Tu Kareeb Hai

by Faisal Ahsan - on Feb 2nd 2013

faraz review

Faraz Anwar has been the frontman of Mizraab for over a decade and more recently accompanied Noori as lead guitarist for their US tour. Tu Kareeb Hai is the latest offering from Faraz Anwar and his first solo artist track in a while. Possibly one of the most undervalued artists in our music industry; Faraz Anwar is a multi-instrumentalist and has been in the industry since he was a teenager. (more…)

Review: Sajjad Ali Mega Hit Single “Har Zulm”

by Guest Author - on Jan 24th 2013 - 2 Comments
sajjad ali har zulm review

[box color=”black” icon=”information”] If you have not listened to Har Zulm by Sajjad Ali already, listen to it now at the link below: [ Sajjad Ali – Har Zulm ] [/box]   Sajjad Ali has proved himself once again with such an amazing song. The song “Har Zulm” was uploaded on the Official Facebook...

Shaany – “Sanwal” and “Pukaarey Tujhe” Audio Reviews

by Faisal Ahsan - on Dec 26th 2012

By Faisal Ahsan

As my first post for Pakium, I decided to review the audio creations of Shaany. Always an eternal pessimist, I was dreading having to hear and review something released by a ‘new’ act, because more often than not, new musicians have caused me physical pain and mental stress; instead I was exposed to a great artist in the form of Shaany.

Shaany Song Review (more…)

Review: Kahin Nahin By Mustufa Pervez

by haseeb - on Dec 21st 2012
Mustufa Pervez in Kahin Nahin Music Video

By Haseeb Peer People from the medical profession are rarely seen as to being ensnared by any other profession or infatuation apart from their native work of serving the people by curing their diseases; but Mustufa Pervez is an exemption to all of this. Having started his career in the field of music with the help of his brothers by releasing...

Entity Paradigm [EP] Ajab Tamasha Review

by haseeb - on Dec 13th 2012
EP's Ajab Tamasha Music video Review

by Haseeb Peer On a hot may afternoon as I was surfing through some Pakistani music websites looking for a new release from any of the major heavy weights, startling news popped in at the corner of the page- “Entity Paradigm had broken again”. This time two of the Band members had left the band, leaving the fans in a sense of disarray...

‘Niqab’ by Yasir & Jawad (Review)

by Faizan Ali - on Dec 7th 2012
‘Niqab’ by Yasir & Jawad

The boys from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa are back with their much awaited song ‘Niqab’ – a reflection of a poem penned down by Ghani Khan with the aim of highlighting existentialism. “It is very experimental and at places you might find it to be pointless,” states rhythm guitarist Jawad Iqbal. “But all of the absurdity is intentional;...