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Na Dil Deti – Synopsis and pictures

by admin - on Nov 3rd 2015

Na Dil Deti drama Hum Sitare

HUM Sitaray’s Na Dil Deti is a tale of two young girls left to fend for themselves after the accidental death of their parents. Uroosa, the older of the two, is in relationship with Saqib, who is very supportive and caring but Saqib’s mother wants him to marry his cousin in a watta satta. Between her and her daughter they weave a web of lies and misunderstandings so that they can achieve their own ends. (more…)

Mor Mahal – Sarmad Khoosat’s Next Masterpiece!

by admin - on Nov 3rd 2015

Sarmad Khoosat

With Hamsafar hitting the bull’s eye perfectly and Manto managing to disturb people in the best possible manner – as per expectations; Sarmad Khoosat is one person I’m sure, who has set the standards too high for himself to achieve them, and the audience is just finding ‘something like never before’ when looking at a project with the magician’s credits. Known for always bringing that larger than life persona to his work, his upcoming television serial, Mor Mahal proves nothing but to continue the Sarmad Khoosat legacy! (more…)

Bashar Momin couple to reunite in Bheeghi Palkein

by admin - on Nov 3rd 2015

Bheeghi Palkein drama

TV star Faisal Qureshi and TV actress Ushna Shah who mesmerized audiences with their riveting performances and onscreen chemistry in the hit LSA-nominated TV serial Bashar Momin are to be reunited once again in director Furqan Khan’s upcoming Bheeghi Palkein, to be aired on A-Plus famous for such hits as; Mera Naam Yousuf Hai and Aunn Zarra and Kaneez. (more…)

Neelum Kinare is set in Azad Jammu & Kashmir

by admin - on Oct 31st 2015

Neelam Kinnaray

HUM Sitaray’s newest play Neelum kinare is set in the beautiful valley of Azad Jammu & Kashmir and portrays the story of a girl Sakina who was raised by her paternal uncle and aunt. Sakina’s aunt does not like her but her son (Aijaz) is in love with her and supports Sakina in every way possible. Against all odds and hurdles, Aijaz manages to marry Sakina and sends her abroad for higher education. Here enters Aijaz’s maternal aunt and her daughter who is interested in Aijaz. Knowing that Aijaz’s wife is abroad for studies, she starts knitting her sinister plan and takes full advantage of the situation to create misunderstandings between Sakina and Aijaz. (more…)

100 Din Ki Kahani to feature Furqan Qureshi and Sanam Chaudhry

by admin - on Oct 31st 2015

100 Din Ki Kahani Title

The story of HUM Sitaray’s 100 Din Ki Kahani revolves around a girl who is six months pregnant and counting days for her baby to be born. However, while she is looking forward to the big day, her husband is diagnosed with cancer and is left with approximately the same number of days to live. The story is a contrast between life and death as a father is to lose his life and a son is to be born. What does life have in store for the couple? To find out, watch 100 Din Ki Kahani only on HUM Sitaray. (more…)

Uziar Jaswal to be featured in last episode of ‘The Asal Foodies Show’

by Arsalan - on Oct 30th 2015

Uzair Jaswal Asal Foodies Show

The very versatile pop star and actor Uzair Jaswal will be taking Anoushey Ashraf and VJ Shehzad to the amazing food places in his hometown Islamabad in the final episode of “The Asal Foodies Show.” The show which is a campaign by 7up Pakistan, intends to promote the food scene in Pakistan. It has featured actress Sarwat Gillani, actor and host Ali Safina and Ali Hamza of Noori band in previous episodes. (more…)

Humayun Saeed: Pushing the boundaries with Yalghaar

by admin - on Oct 29th 2015

Humayun Yalghaar [2]

Humayun Saeed, the most bankable film artist and commercial figure of Pakistan, will be seen moving outside his comfort zone to tackle the sensitive issue of terrorism in his upcoming movie Yalghaar.  The actor will be seen as the antagonist in the epic war drama, which is being directed and produced by Hassan Waqas Rana and said to be one of the biggest movies coming out in 2016. (more…)