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ALWAYS Diamond Episode 1 (Video)

Pepsi Cricket Fantasy League

by Staff - on Sep 26th 2012
Pepsi CRicket Fantasy League

Pepsi and cricket go way back. Covering a period of over three decades, Pepsi Pakistan has always been a supporter and promoter of cricket. In all their TVCs we’ve always seen all the cricket gurus of Pakistan like Imran Khan, Wasim Akram, Shahid Afridi and the like drinking a bottle of Pepsi, or with regards to their previous campaign,...

Watch T20 World Cup 2012 Live with Ali Zafar in Sri Lanka (Courtesy of Lay’s)

by Staff - on Sep 18th 2012
Ali Zafar in Lays TVC

Time sure flies, it was in 2009 that Pakistan had won the second T20 world Cup and people rejoiced in the streets of Pakistan with utmost joy and delight. All done, for the trophy that entered Pakistan led by Younis Khan – the only cup to enter after Imran Khan’s, in 1992. 3 years down the lane, and we’re almost there again. Another...

Mountain DEW Presents The Dark Knight Rises in Pakistan

by Danish Mughal - on Aug 3rd 2012 - 1 Comment
The Dark Knight Rises in Pakistan

Disclaimer: This one is a sponsored post! Mountain Dew Pakistan, the proud sponsor of Box Office leader in the past, Fast Five, not only accomplished in gathering a massive pool of fans of The Fast & The Furious series, but also was successful in maintaining all the users’ interests in engaging activities followed with eye-catching prizes. This time,...

Premium Video: Duniya Ab Meri by Jaan & Arya

Pepsi Pakistan gives you a Chance to meet Lionel Messi in Florida (Sponsored Post)

by Danish Mughal - on Apr 27th 2012
Pepsi Pakistani giving you a chance to meet Messi

Pepsi Pakistan gives you a Chance to meet Lionel Messi in Florida: Football. The most popular sport in the world. That may be hard to believe, we being a die-hard cricket nation, but there are many amongst us who get their blood pumping whenever our favorite team kicks some balls (pun intended).  There’s excitement in the air, and...

Premium Video: JAAN & ARYA – ALVIDA (Official Music Video)