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Pakistan’s Ajoka theater presents ‘Humsaya Theatre for Peace Festival’ in India

by Arsalan - on Sep 15th 2015

Ajoka Theater Humsaya Theater for peace festival

A 40 member Ajoka Theatre team of actors and technical crew crossed the Wagha Border on Saturday 12 September, 2015 to participate in the first-ever festival of Pakistani theatre in India. “Humsaya Theatre for Peace Festival” which opens on Monday(yesterday) at Delhi’s most prestigious theatre venue, will feature four of Ajoka Theatre’s landmark plays including “Bulha”, “Dara”, “Kaun hai Yeh Gustakh” and “Lo Phr Basant Aee”. (more…)

Mahesh and Pooja Bhatt in Karachi for International Theatre Festival

by Arsalan - on Mar 31st 2015

Mahesh and Pooja Bhutt in Karachi for International Theater Festival
Indian Filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt and his daughter Pooja Bhatt have arrived in Karachi to play a theatre at International Theater Festival, organized by NAPA Repertory Theatre Play. They are set to play ‘Daddy’, which is based on Bhatt’s 1989 film of the same name. Reportedly, Mahesh and Pooja Bhatt are accompanying their cast and two other theatre groups from India.


Eye to Eye Song Lyrics

by Staff - on Jun 25th 2013
eye to eye song lyrics

So we suppose you have already fallen in love with the outta-this-world song by Taher Shah, Eye to Eye. For those who are having difficulties in singing and humming the song, we have arranged the song lyrics for you. So check this out! you’ll surely love every bit of it. Taken from the wall of Meryem Abdul Razzaque Eyeen to eyeeen,...

Ali Farrukh – Woh Pheli Baar (Music Video/Download Mp3)

HidHydians arranged Dirt Wiper Activity in Hyderabad (Pictures/Coverage)

by Danish Mughal - on Mar 27th 2013
Dirt Wiper painting the Signal near Gul Centre Hyderabad

Write up By Omar & Ahmer Qureshi Hidhyidans – an association of dynamic young individuals, headed by – Omar Qureshi, Alee Raza Maher, Furqan Buriro,  Ibrahim Khan, operating since June’2012, all dedicated to the cause of bringing forth to public eye the talented youth and the young of our beloved city – Hyderabad,...

ALWAYS Diamond Episode 1 (Video)

Ban on YouTube in Pakistan to be lifted soon?

by Faizan Ali - on Mar 10th 2013
youtube unblocked in pakistan

Youtube opened, Youtube closed. These words aren’t hard to remember in Pakistan. These actions are usually associated with Rehman malik, but this time Naveed Qamar, federal defense minister, has assured the National Assembly (lower house of parliament) that Government will open the access of YouTube in Pakistan before dissolution...