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3rd Hum Awards 2015 to be held in Dubai this time

by Arsalan - on Mar 24th 2015


HUM Network has announced the date, venue and nominations for its most anticipated and glamorous award show, ‘ 3rd Hum Awards 2015.’ The awards show is slated to take place on April 9, 2015 at Dubai World Trade Centre and is part of celebrations for HUM’s 10 years in the entertainment industry.

The show is expected to feature some international acts along with debut on-stage performances by actors from Pakistan’s entertainment industry.


Sara Loren’s ‘Barkhaa’ set to release on March 27

by admin - on Mar 19th 2015

Sara Loren's 'Barkhaa' set to release on March 27 poster

Raunchy Pakistani actress Sara Loren who made her Bollywood debut with ‘Murder 3’ is all set for her new film ‘Barkhaa’. She is playing the lead role in the film which is a twisted love story about a girl’s inspirations, dreams and dilemma of life. It has a strong social message which viewers will get to know when they see the film. Taaha Shah is playing the hero in the film.


Farooq of Aaroh living his dream in US

by Arsalan - on Mar 17th 2015
Farooq of Aaroh living his dream in US

Photo courtesy: The Times Tribune video blog.

The lead vocalist of former Pakistani rock band Arroh, Farooq Ahmed, who moved to US half a decade ago, is now living his dream through his newly opened Disco Dollar store, The Times Tribune reported in a blog. Aaroh got it’s big break when it won “Pepsi Battle of the Bands” in 2002 but unfortunately managed to rock Pakistani crowd for only seven years and disbanded in 2009. Farooq considered his solo career for very short period of time and moved to US in 2010.


10 Most Popular Pakistani Musicians on Twitter

by Arsalan - on Mar 13th 2015

10 most popular Pakistani musicians

Like rest of the world, Twitter is the second most popular social networking website in Pakistan. From social activists to politician and musicians, everyone holds a twitter handle these days. To find out who is more popular and has a greater reach via Twitter, PakiUM has initiated a series of “10 Most Popular Pakistani on Twitter.” The series will cover Pakistani singers, actors, models and fashion designers.


100,000 Fans on Facebook: Another Milestone achieved

by Danish Mughal - on Sep 17th 2013

Dear Visitors and Readers of, Today, We are very glad to announce that our facebook page has finally crossed 100,000 mark and we are terming it as another great milestone achieved in the history of, which was founded back in 2006, is still promoting Pakistani content mainly and during this journey we...

Naeem Shah quits The Sketches

by Arfa Mahmood - on Jun 25th 2013
The Sketches0

Last Saturday, Naeem Shah – the lead guitarist of sufi band The Sketches update his Facebook profile status that he quits the band. Naeem Shah is now the former band member of The Sketches who paired up with Saif Samejo since the inception of this band. His status was: On the disbanding of The Sketches, lead vocalist Saif Samejo...

Atif Aslam to perform in 12th LUX Style Awards

by Arfa Mahmood - on Jun 25th 2013
Atif Aslam

Atif Aslam will be performing in the 12th Lux Style Awards after almost 5 years. Last time, we saw Atif performing ‘Doorie’ on the glorious stage of Lux Style Awards. He teamed up with model and actress Aaminah Haq to give one of the most memorable performances of LSA.  His first performance ever on LSA was on his popular...