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Moin Akhtar Statue to be waxed at Madame Tussauds?

by headmaster - on Oct 13th 2011

Moin Akhter Statue waxed at Madam TassaudBy Salman Siddiqui

Earlier today, while I was watching T.V, I saw an advertisement featuring the living legend Anwar Maqsood. The first thing that struck my mind was the champion of all funny shows on our national television, “Loose Talk”. And all of a sudden I realized that the funnier part of that show, late Moin Akhtar, is no more here to spread the laughter.

Don’t be sad because things aint that bad! The popular wax museum in London, Madame Tussuads, has expressed its wish to create a wax statue of late Moin Akhtar. Isnt it amazing?

The well known Museum is famous for its wax crafted statues of famous artists, sports legends, popular figures, royal pupil and even some well-known murderers. To name a few, Madame Tussauds has wax statues of Barack Obama, Justin Beiber, and Micheal Jackson. (more…)

Veena Malik does an Item number for Bollywood Movie (Picture)

by headmaster - on Sep 27th 2011

Veena Malik doing an item number in bollywood movie Tere Naal Love hogayaVeena Malik just cant stay away from media gup-shup and gossips, or can she? Well, our dear Veena is now all set to do an “Item Number” in upcoming Bollywood Movie titled as “Tere Naal Love Hogaya“.

You have seen how Pakistani Celebs got fame in the Bollywood. Just to name a few are Atif Aslam, Ali Zafar, and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan. I remember Meera’s debut too. Now accompanying the list will be Veena Malik’s name. To my amazement, Veena, unlike Meera did not get a lead role in the said movie. She has been invited across the border to do an ITEM-NUMBER in Mandeep Kumar’s upcoming film “Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya” starring Riteish Deshmukh and Genelia D’Souza. (more…)

Its “The Sketches” Time !

by headmaster - on Jun 29th 2011

By Salman Siddiqui


The Sketches BandLet’s head back one year or so. A band called “The Sketches made their debut album ‘Dastkari‘ and launched their first two music videos Maujood” which was based on peace and harmony and their folk song depicting the story of the romance of Momal-Rano”.

While writing a review for “Momal-Rano, I took relief in the thought that at least somebody cares about the ill-fated culture of ours which is facing “depreciation” since long.

I believe that passion and obsession is half way through. To my surprise, The Sketches had proved my belief right, very right indeed! The only musical band which is presently hoisting the flag of Sufi music and which can be called the pioneer of “Sufi Folk Rock” following the footsteps of the trend-setters “Junoon”. (more…)

Usman Riaz’s “FIREFLY”-Review

by headmaster - on Mar 1st 2011

By Salman Siddique


For people who don’t know Usman Riaz, I must say that this fellow really has something to show to the Pakistani Music audience! Usman Riaz adopted this awesome playing style known as “tapping”, very brave. Choosing such a difficult style and carrying it through hurdles is worth appreciating! Talking about Pakistani Music listeners, majority of them don’t even know the difference between Jazz and Blues, so adopting tapping is a risk after all!

Usman Riaz recently released his first video of his instrumental “Firefly”. The video is directed by Bilal Khan and Shayan Agha ,Bilal Khan also being the Director of Photography. By the way ,the video will not like amaze you if you don’t watch it till the end! and after the touching end, you won’t help yourself uttering words of praise for the producers and all the people behind the video.

I will not blow the whole suspense. I am inspired by the bold video shot if you ask me! And about the idea, I would just remark it as “Flawless”. I, being a musician, have to face low times. But in the end self-satisfaction is the only determination and inspiration I am left with,even if nobody praises my work! Being optimistic is a blessing, and not a curse in any way!


Zaain Ul Abideen’s “ZEAL” (Album Review)

by headmaster - on Jan 25th 2011

By Salman Siddique


I went through a video where Zaain UL Abideen visited a school! The video was titled “People’s Comments”. Well, that’s a lot of love Zaain has fetched from his listeners! Students were going on all crazy. Going crazy for your favorite is like affected with absent-ism now a days, if you attend concerts that is!

For those of you who don’t know much about Zaain Ul Abideen, he is not new to the industry. His album, by the way, is  ‘New’. Apart from Zeal”, Zaain has sung couple of OSTs and some Jingles too. But we are going to talk about the Album in the later part of the post.

So, what does Zaain’s Album “Zeal” include?Zaain debut album Zeal review

  1. Puch Mera Kya Naam
  2. Maahiya
  3. Chue chue
  4. Ayi Ayi
  5. Sayiaan Sayiaan
  6. Saanson Mein
  7. Saiyaan Saiyaan-Unplugged
  8. Chue Chue-Unlpugged

Zaain officialy released “Zeal” couple of days back.

The Album has Slow songs, Semi-Classical, Unplugged Versions and a total Hip-Hop track. This makes the album what we call balanced. Variety of sounds and instruments are used in the Album. I mean not just strumming the G-Chord in the whole song and ending it the same way! Thank goodness! My favorite is Chue Chue” by the way because I am listening it for quite a while now. (more…)

Strings REVITALIZED- the drummer Qaiser left, Aahad joins in

by headmaster - on Oct 26th 2010

Qaiser Zain Ul Abedin Strings Former DrummerStrings is the band whom every Pakistani music lover listens and appreciate.The band is an old hand in cheering the crowd, and making them jump and sing along , when it comes to concerts. Strings’ most remarkable achievement is that they have kept the Rock part of Music Genre distinguished from the Pop Genre in their work.

Let’s talk about the recent change in the band. Qaiser Zain-Ul-Abedin, the veteran drummer has left the Strings. He had been “Stringed” with the Strings for the past 7 or 8 years. That’s a lot of time, I mean Pakistani bands split up just after release of their very first piece of work. And, YES, Qaiser is the same drummer whose Kick Ass “DRUM-SOLO uploaded couple a days ago, which he performed in a Karavan’s Gig and which surely made us to do the “HEAD BANGING” thing. But Its all over for now we guess, as  he is leaving the country and settling in America probably where he would be playing with the GORAS (following Faraz Anwar’s Steps may be).

The Replacement: AAHAD NAYANI


Aahad Nayani has joined the Strings now (not officially revealed though). Nayani is probably considered one of the top most drummers in Pakistan. He has the “THING“. The Indus Valley School of Arts and Architecture (IVSAA) organised a musical night this Saturday which featured performances by up and coming bands leading up to a two-hour show by Strings. Nayani accompained the Strings in the Gig. At the end of the show Maqssod exclaimed, “It was very energising to perform with such a responsive crowd but a special thanks to our young drummer, Aahad Nayani, because of whom our live sound has become really good.

A good substitute to Qaiser? I hope Strings don’t have to miss him!

Band The Sketches – PakiUM Exclusive Interview.

by headmaster - on Oct 18th 2010

I am sure that most of you have listened about the band “The Sketches”, because there is pretty awesome feedback on their work by the music listeners. So, we thought that we should have a One-On-one with the band so that our readers and the respected listeners can know them better.

Here goes the interview ; After the formal Greetings ;

PakiUM: SO , Lets start with the band, an intro about the band members , the crew and management ,like how things work in and outside the band?

The Sketches: “THE SKETCHES”
Saif contributes in the band as the vocalist and Naeem as the lead guitarist. (more…)