Hataf Siyal

This author, named Hataf Siyal, has completed bachelors in Software Engineering and is working as a freelance writer. Watching movies, listening to music, and promoting Pakistani music and its culture is what he loves to do the most.

The Sketches! – Main Sufi Hoon (Music Video Review)

by Hataf Siyal - on Apr 3rd 2013

The Sketches! – Main Sufi Hoon (Music Video Review) Originating from the vivacious city of Jamshoro, Sindh, the Sufi-pop-rock band The Sketches, comprising of vocalist Saif Samejo and guitarist Naeem Shah, has already climbed up the ladder of success in not just parts of Sindh but the entire Pakistan with popular hits such as “Mandh...

The Sketches feat. Akbar Khamiso Khan – Rano (Audio/Video Review)

by Hataf Siyal - on Apr 8th 2012
The Sketches Rano

After getting my hands on The Sketches’ “Nind Nashe Vich” song, it’s time for me to investigate on their new song called “Rano”. Along with Jansher and Naeem Shah on guitars and Saif Samejo on vocals, “Rano” features Akber Khamiso Khan playing the Alghoza – a typical Sindhi folk instrument. The latter is the son of Ustad...

Badnaam – Alif Allah (Audio/Video Review)

by Hataf Siyal - on Mar 31st 2012

A unique name to start with, Badnaam – which means “infamous in English” – is a Pakistani band that was formed in the year of 2009 by its members Ahmed Jilani the lead guitarist and vocalist and Lala Ahsan the bass guitarist.  According to the band’s official facebook page, Badnaam’s music is something that “reflects the...

Swaras feat. Glen Drover – Khayal (Audio/Video Review)

by Hataf Siyal - on Mar 28th 2012
Swaras Khayal

Of late I have been impressed with the work of two bands; 1) The Sketches –– from Sindh, Pakistan; and 2) Swaras –– despite the fact that they work from Canada, their roots basically go back to the land of Pakistan. And even though it’s very early to make a statement but I believe these two names, taking a leaf from the book...

Zoe Viccaji Jo Chaho (Audio/Video Review)

by Hataf Siyal - on Mar 25th 2012
Zoe Viccaji Jo Chaho

After getting herself known in the entertainment and media section of Pakistan whilst working as a background vocalist for Coke Studio, Zoe Viccaji teamed up with String’s Faisal Kapadia and Bilal Maqsood to revitalize one of their popular hit track called “Mera Bichra Yaar”. Soon after, almost a year later, Zoe Viccaji is back...

Mooroo – Patakhi Larki (Audio/Video Review)

by Hataf Siyal - on Mar 19th 2012

After reviewing Club Caramel’s “Deewana” and The Sketches’ “Nind Nashe Vich” earlier this month, it’s now the perfect time to introduce and review Mooroo; a newcomer in the music industry of Pakistan, who hails from the most populous nation of Pakistan –– Lahore. Mooroo has been influenced to give a shot at music by...

Dance to the Beat Concert Review: featuring EP, RDB and Gunaah

by Hataf Siyal - on Mar 16th 2012
Ahmed Ali Butt from EP at Hyderabad Concert

Hyderabad is one major city of Pakistan that is, quite frankly, deprived with musical concerts, lively events, or any other quality stuff due to its ever-rising security-related issues. Thankfully, though, the trend seems to be changing now and the city is finally getting its share of entertainment. Artistes like Atif Aslam, Ali Zafar,...