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Faisal Ahsan has been playing guitar for six years and enjoys staring at ants judgementally. He rarely tweets and when he does they are generally disappointing and not worth the wait. To witness this yourself, follow him @FaisalAhsanYT

Eye to Eye: An Attempted Analysis

by Faisal Ahsan - on Jul 9th 2013
eye to eye song lyrics

By Faisal Ahsan While many may have felt the need to stab out their own eyes and surgically remove their ears after witnessing this abomination, I feel we might be missing the true message of the song. Now, if you indulge me, the following is what I think is the underlying beauty of this…track. Eye to Eye has three levels to its...

20 Questions with Jarar Malik

by Faisal Ahsan - on Feb 20th 2013
jarar interview

When did you start in the field of music? How did it happen? Well I’ve always been playing music since I was a kid.. I was more fascinated with music then I was with sports etc like other boys. I was about 8 and begged my mom to buy me a guitar..and I haven’t put it down since. I went to high school and then college, graduating with...

Coke Studio at MTV: Inspired by Coke Studio Pakistan & Rohail Hyatt

by Faisal Ahsan - on Feb 7th 2013

Coke Studio has become the evolved form of our music industry. Rohail Hyatt started Coke Studio back in 2008 and under his tutelage we have seen the fusing of traditional eastern music blend with western music become the norm in Pakistani music. Coke Studio introduced SYMT and Meesha Shafi in a way they were never seen before; it took us back to the cultural wealth of our musical industry by bringing folk into the show. We weren’t the only ones watching it though, in 2010 about 25% of all Google searches in India were about “Coke Studio Pakistan”

Aditya Swamy praises Coke Studio Pakistan


Review: Faraz Anwar – Tu Kareeb Hai

by Faisal Ahsan - on Feb 2nd 2013

faraz review

Faraz Anwar has been the frontman of Mizraab for over a decade and more recently accompanied Noori as lead guitarist for their US tour. Tu Kareeb Hai is the latest offering from Faraz Anwar and his first solo artist track in a while. Possibly one of the most undervalued artists in our music industry; Faraz Anwar is a multi-instrumentalist and has been in the industry since he was a teenager. (more…)

AAG all set to release new track “Janay Tu”

by Faisal Ahsan - on Jan 23rd 2013

Well, it’s that time again, AAG is about to release a new track in the next few days. For those of you who don’t know, AAG  is a Lahore based band formed in 2005 by the brothers, Haroon and Usman Sheikh. They are regarded as one of the most talented acts coming out of Pakistan by not only fans and critics but by big names...

15 Questions with Abdullah Qureshi

by Faisal Ahsan - on Jan 8th 2013
Abdullah Qureshi Interview

Abdullah Qureshi is one of the new kids on the block who has had quite a good fan following in recent months. His YouTube (please, a moment of silence for the bureaucratic nightmare the website is stuck in thanks to general incompetence) covers touched the hearts of thousands and have made him quite the internet star. He recently released...

Shaany – “Sanwal” and “Pukaarey Tujhe” Audio Reviews

by Faisal Ahsan - on Dec 26th 2012

By Faisal Ahsan

As my first post for Pakium, I decided to review the audio creations of Shaany. Always an eternal pessimist, I was dreading having to hear and review something released by a ‘new’ act, because more often than not, new musicians have caused me physical pain and mental stress; instead I was exposed to a great artist in the form of Shaany.

Shaany Song Review (more…)