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More people than ever before are going online to show off their talent and many are becoming stars in their own right with dedicated fan bases waiting for their next video on sites like YouTube and Facebook. Rising star Furqan Shayk is one of them who is regularly entertaining his growing legion of fans with hilarious videos and currently has more than 1,400,000 subscribers on his Facebook page alone.

Pakium caught up with the funny man, to find out more about his online success, comedy, future plans, the key tips he would give aspiring YouTubers and more.

Were you always funny while growing up?
(Smiles) No, not really. At least I don’t think I was.

Okay, so where do you get your sense of humour from?
A lot of it comes from observation. I see and observe different situations and then try to find a point where I can turn that into a funny video.

What exactly motivated you to produce online videos?
No one was doing it properly in my opinion! I felt there are some sort of barriers, which no one wants to cross that might result in decline of their fan following. For example I see YouTubers making videos in English in a Punjabi household, which completely kills the look. So I came up with a different style and concepts away from what others were doing. I think that’s why I got success.


Where do you get your inspirations for the videos from?
Like I said “observe” what is around me and then create videos but a lot of people, stories, my family and a lot of great things have inspired me. I started 2-3 years ago, when I started off no one was focusing on digital side of our community or origin. My inspiration to make videos was to show that Pakistanis can create original content as well since no one was really doing it back then.

Are the characters based on people you know?
Nah they are all fictional, honest. (Laughs) I guess I have to say that or someone may try and sue me.

Why do you think YouTube and Facebook videos are so popular now?
For me I think people don’t get to see or find relatable funny content on TV. On TV they censor a lot of stuff and on social media you will find all types of comedy videos.

What tips do you have for those who want to produce YouTube videos?
Work hard and just be your self. Make a decision and stick to it. Stay positive and remember you are doing it to entertain people. Don’t listen to what people say! If it were easy everyone would be doing it. Social media and video making takes a lot of hard work. It’s like growing a tree. When you plant a tree it won’t just give you fruit within a day, it takes time, so work hard and have patience. Trust me at the end of the day its worth it.

What are your future aspirations?
I just want to work hard day and night. I think the arts represent your culture and when I see our Pakistani film and music industry in a bad condition, I work hard and hope I can contribute in a positive way. Thankfully things are getting better in the country, but I want to help develop the Pakistani industry with my work. For now my only plan is to put my comedy on videos and try to give out a good positive message.

Tell us something not many people know about you?
I’m good at cooking. I started working in a steak house at the age of 14/15 and from there I learned a lot about food.

What is the most memorable online encounter you have had?
There are many, My first video touching down 1 million views or my page getting 1000 likes at the beginning, so there are a lot of memorable online encounters I’ve had

Why should we all tune into your YouTube videos?
Why not (Laughs)

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