3rd Hum Awards 2015 Live Blog


hum awards live blog

As we did last year, this year too, team PakiUM will be live-blogging from the 3rd Hum Awards, which are happening today at Dubai World Trade Centre. This is the first time that the awards show are taking place in Dubai, since its inception in 2013. The who’s who of Pakistan’s entertainment industry and the best of HUM’s productions’ are competing in 24 categories of television, fashion, music and special awards for the coveted HUM Awards. The Brand Ambassador of the 3rd HUM Awards in Dubai is Atiqa Odho.

Our Live Blog starts at the time given below:

Arsalan April 10, 20154:02 am

And we are done with the 3rd Hum Awards live blog.

Congratulation to all the winners and nominees.
Arsalan April 10, 20153:58 am

3rd Hum Awards concludes with Best Actor Male Jury, which goes to Ahsan Khan.

Arsalan April 10, 20153:53 am
Saba Qamar gets emotional while receiving her Best Actress Award.

Arsalan April 10, 20153:50 am

Best Actor Male Jury goes to Ahsan Khan.

Arsalan April 10, 20153:45 am

Saba Qamar wins the Best Actress Jury award.

Danish Mughal April 10, 20153:42 am

Heavily tired of sitting on a single seat for Last many hours. Feels like leaving the event place as I have also a flight to catch tommorow.

It’s the end of live blog from my side.
Arsalan, please take over. 
Goodbye folks!
Arsalan April 10, 20153:41 am

Adnan Malik takes a selfie with Mahira Khan and Ayesha Omer.

Danish Mughal April 10, 20153:33 am

And the best drama serial jury award goes to Bunty I Love You 

Danish Mughal April 10, 20153:30 am

Big big fan of Syra but here after seeing her dance performance, feels like Pakistani girls do it better in weddings.

Arsalan April 10, 20153:29 am
Sheroz and Syra performing at Hum Awards.

Danish Mughal April 10, 20153:24 am

Shehroz and syra dance performance happening right now. Shehroz is fine but Syra needs much much and much practise and expressions. 

Arsalan April 10, 20153:18 am

Best actor popular award goes to Mekaal zulfiqaaar

Danish Mughal April 10, 20153:15 am

And the best actor popular award goes to…

Mekaal zulfiqaaar

Danish Mughal April 10, 20153:13 am

Mahira khan accepts best actress award but says Saba Qamar deserved it more! Barapann. Flattered.

Danish Mughal April 10, 20153:10 am

And the award for best female actor goes to Saba…..Not

MAHIRA khan won again 

Arsalan April 10, 20153:10 am

The Best Couple on Screen.

Danish Mughal April 10, 20153:07 am

And the award for best drama serial popular again goes to 

Sadqay Tumharay 

Danish Mughal April 10, 20153:06 am

Mahira khan and Adnan Malik won award for best on screen couple 

Danish Mughal April 10, 20153:03 am

Faisal Qureshi comes on stage wearing a Sherwani and talks about Pakistaniat. Urges hum tv management and actors to play Pakistani music for dance performances 

Danish Mughal April 10, 20153:02 am

Ahmed Ali Butt weird get up and lame comedy. Sab ke bajarahay hain. Vasay doubts it won’t run on tv.

Danish Mughal April 10, 20152:58 am

Hum awards have also revealed teaser of Mahira Khan new film ‘bin roye aansu’ what an epic teaser. Mahira can be seen dancing, crying and romancing 

Danish Mughal April 10, 20152:56 am

An epic rap performance by Mohsin Abbas Haider.

Arsalan April 10, 20152:46 am

Team Na Maloom Afraad on stage to receive their award.

Danish Mughal April 10, 20152:41 am

Team Na Maloom Afraad is now called on stage to receive their award.

Danish Mughal April 10, 20152:41 am

Samina Peerzada is called on stage to give the award. She says, “Pakistani films will soon premiere in all world Film festivals”

Danish Mughal April 10, 20152:39 am

Na Maloom Afraad being praised at Hum Awards. Guess they will be given an award too!

Arsalan April 10, 20152:33 am

Mehwish Hayat aka Billi performing at Hum Awards.

Arsalan April 10, 20152:30 am

The award for Best Director Drama Serial goes to Ehtesham Ud Din for Sadqay Tumhare.

Danish Mughal April 10, 20152:28 am

Here comes Mehwish Hayat introduced as Billi

Arsalan April 10, 20152:25 am

The award for Best Writer Drama Serial goes to Khalil-ur-Rehman for Sadqay Tumharey.

Arsalan April 10, 20152:17 am
Mahira Khan at 3rd Hum Awards.

Danish Mughal April 10, 20152:15 am

The award goes again to Samiya Mumtaz

Danish Mughal April 10, 20152:14 am

Mahira khan is here to present the award for most impactful character.

Danish Mughal April 10, 20152:11 am

And the award phase begins again. This time award is for best actress in negative role.  

And it goes to …. samiya mumtaz for Sadqay Tumharay 

Arsalan April 10, 20152:07 am
Hamza Ali Abbasi taking selfie at 3rd Hum Awards.

Danish Mughal April 10, 20152:06 am

‘Mehwish hayaat pehlay hee billi ban chuki hai, tum kuttay na bano’ Vasay jokes with butt sahab. 

Danish Mughal April 10, 20152:02 am

Anwar Maqsood nailed it. What a legend! Pure and brilliant comedy.

Danish Mughal April 10, 20151:57 am

Anwar Maqsood’s brilliant take on Bollywood songs being played in Hum Awards. Baray pyar se leli neighbors ke 😀 hahaha 

Danish Mughal April 10, 20151:51 am

Sanam Saeed hosting the show again. Another living legend is being awarded. This time Anwar Maqsood sahab.

Arsalan April 10, 20151:43 am
Sundia Chauhan singing Terey Waastey, Mera Ishq Sufiana, at 3rd Hum Awards.

Danish Mughal April 10, 20151:39 am

Ishq sufiyana, dil dharke remake. What a live performance.

Arsalan April 10, 20151:35 am

Fawad Khan speaking after receiving his award.

Danish Mughal April 10, 20151:35 am

Sunidhi chauhan in the house. What a voice!

Arsalan April 10, 20151:28 am

Another picture of Fawad Khan at Hum Awards. Maria Wasti and Javed Sheikh can be spotted too.

Arsalan April 10, 20151:25 am
The gorgeous Ayesha Omer at 3rd Hum Awards.

Danish Mughal April 10, 20151:25 am

Hold on your breath fawad Khan is coming on stage. Hall goes crazy! 

Arsalan April 10, 20151:22 am

@Danish Best actor in a supporting role female goes to Mansha Pasha.

Arsalan April 10, 20151:22 am

Best actor in a supporting role female goes to Mansha Pasha.

Danish Mughal April 10, 20151:20 am

Best new sensation award actor goes to Adnan Malik for Sadqay Tumharay and mansha pasha for …. forgot it :/

Danish Mughal April 10, 20151:11 am

Best new sensation television award goes to Mausam. Being presented by Urwa hoccane.

Arsalan April 10, 20151:07 am

The most wanted man at 3rd Hum Awards, Fawad Khan finally spotted on screen.

Arsalan April 10, 20151:06 am

Hum Excellence in TV goes to Samina Peerzada. 

Danish Mughal April 10, 20151:03 am

Fawad Khan appeared on TV screen and the crowd wooted like crazy. Hahaha #fawadfever

Arsalan April 10, 20151:02 am

@Danish Its already up. Let me post it again.

Arsalan April 10, 201512:57 am
Sanam Saeed is now hosting 3rd Hum Awards.

Danish Mughal April 10, 201512:55 am

Gorgeous Sanam Saeed hosting the awards now. 

@arsalan photo tou lagao! 😉

Danish Mughal April 10, 201512:53 am

Ahsan Khan came down from stage and picked Bushra Ansari for dance. Sweet.

Arsalan April 10, 201512:49 am

 Ahsan Khan and Saba Qamar dance performance at Hum Awards

Arsalan April 10, 201512:46 am

Listen OST Sadqey Tumharey

Danish Mughal April 10, 201512:44 am

Next dance performance is by Ahsan Khan and Saba Qamar…..

Danish Mughal April 10, 201512:42 am

And the drama OST of the year is Sadqay Tumharay sung by Rahat Fateh ALI khan

Danish Mughal April 10, 201512:41 am

And to present the award, HSY is invited with our own Saima Ajram. Wow. Happy to see Saima there!

Danish Mughal April 10, 201512:40 am

And here comes the most interesting awards. The drama OST of the year. Let’s see if they match with our stats 

Danish Mughal April 10, 201512:38 am

And the award for best hum tv soap goes to Susral Mera by Momina Productions. Apparently, deepak made a blunder and mixed Momina Duraid production with Mahesh production 

Danish Mughal April 10, 201512:36 am

To present the award for best soap, deepak parwani is called on stage with a dubai based designer.

Danish Mughal April 10, 201512:35 am

Lol and it’s a tie between Imran for susral mera and danish taimoor for hum tehrey gunaahgar 

Danish Mughal April 10, 201512:33 am

Best actor soap nominations are being announced. Some big names there.

Danish Mughal April 10, 201512:32 am

The award for best actress soap is given to Zarnish. She couldnt come as her mother died just last night. Sadness in the hall.

Danish Mughal April 10, 201512:28 am

The award for best sitcom is given to ‘uff meri family’ which stars Azfar and Naveen 

Danish Mughal April 10, 201512:25 am

Vasay chaudhry asking Javed sheikh and mahira khan that how many times humayun Saeed has fallen in love?

Arsalan April 10, 201512:23 am

Mahira khan spotted at first row in hum awards

Danish Mughal April 10, 201512:18 am

As expected Vasay chaudhry jumped down from the stage and started interacting with celebrities.

Arsalan April 10, 201512:17 am

Feroz Khan and Sajal Ali dancing on Bollywood tracks “Kuri Saturday Saturday” and “mainu yaar Na mile…”

Danish Mughal April 10, 201512:16 am

They have prepared a special song for hum tv 10th celebrations. Quite funky track I must say! ‘Hum Jaisa koe nahi’

Arsalan April 10, 201512:15 am

Meet the hosts of 3rd Hum Awards, the gorgeous Sanam Jhung and Hamza Ali Abbasi.

Danish Mughal April 10, 201512:15 am

Here come the new hosts for the night. Ahmad Ali butt and Vasay chaudhry.

Danish Mughal April 10, 201512:12 am

Bollywood songs back to back. So we didn’t even produce a single dance number last year? Kuri saturday saturday and mainu yaar Na mile…

Arsalan April 10, 201512:11 am

Feroz Khan dancing at 3rd Hum Awards. 

Danish Mughal April 10, 201512:08 am

Finally here comes the entertainment part. First performance of the night is by feroz khan and sajal ali

Danish Mughal April 10, 201512:07 am

Life time achievement award is given to Abide Parveen. Special Montage was run about her. The award was handed over to her by Hum TV CEO

Arsalan April 10, 201512:02 am

Cybil Chaudhry with her Best Model Female Awards at 3rd Hum Awards .

Danish Mughal April 9, 201511:55 pm

Best music video award goes to naseer and shahab

Danish Mughal April 9, 201511:52 pm

Farhan Saeed dedicates his award to peshawar school victims. Reads a beautiful couplet for the school victims.

Danish Mughal April 9, 201511:50 pm

The award for best music single goes to… 

Farhan Saeed for Roiyaan 

Danish Mughal April 9, 201511:49 pm

Ayesha Omar and Junaid khan are invited on stage to present the award for best music single.

Danish Mughal April 9, 201511:47 pm

The award for best model male popular goes to ……Shahzad noor 

Danish Mughal April 9, 201511:44 pm

And the first hum award today goes to cybil chaudhry

Danish Mughal April 9, 201511:43 pm

First award is for best female award popular and to present that hosts have called Mawra

Arsalan April 9, 201511:43 pm

11:40PST: Sanam Jhung and Hamza Ali Abbasi are the first hosts of 3rd Hum Awards.

Arsalan April 9, 201511:41 pm

Danish Mughal April 9, 201511:36 pm

Hamza Abbasi and Sanam Jung hosting 3rd hum awards

Danish Mughal April 9, 201511:36 pm

And it started with a brazillian theme dance. Feels like we are in Rio and not dubai 

Danish Mughal April 9, 201511:27 pm

Just entered the event hall. It’s already crowded. The show is about to Kickstart soon.

Arsalan April 9, 201511:23 pm
Spotted: Hamza Ali Abbasi at the Red Carpet.

Arsalan April 9, 201511:16 pm

Bushra Ansari and Junaid Khan at the 3rd Hum Awards.

Arsalan April 9, 201511:04 pm
Spotted: Farhan Saeed and Urwa Hocane at the Red Carpet of 3rd Hum Awards happening right now at Dubai World Trade Centre.

Arsalan April 9, 201510:58 pm

Another selfie at 3rd Hum Awards Red Carpet.

Danish Mughal April 9, 201510:57 pm

Red carpet is so much crowded here and everyone is jumping over celebrities to take a photo and selfie with them

Arsalan April 9, 201510:53 pm

The gorgeous Mawra Hocane at the Red Carpet of 3rd Hum Awards.

Arsalan April 9, 201510:51 pm

The 3rd Hum Awards brand ambassador Atiqa Odha with her family at the Red Carpet.

Arsalan April 9, 201510:45 pm

Here you go with the first selfie of 3rd Hum Awards. Mr. and Mrs Abdullah Qadwani with a drama actress.

Arsalan April 9, 201510:42 pm

10:41PST: Anoushey Ashraf and Mohsin Abbas Haider are hosting the Red Carpet of 3rd Hum Awards.

Arsalan April 9, 201510:39 pm

Celebrities and media at the Red Carpet of 3rd Hum Awards. 

Arsalan April 9, 201510:32 pm

10:30 PST: We are here at the RED Carpet of 3rd Hum Awards at Dubai World Trade Centre.

Arsalan April 9, 20155:59 pm

Red Carpet: 8pm PST onwards

Show Starts: 10pm PST onwards

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