ARY Films Awards #AFA14 (LIVE Updates, Blog, Red Carpet Photos Coverage)


To celebrate the achievements of Pakistani Cinema and Films, ARY Films Awards are being organized today in Karachi at D.H.A Golf Club. The award show will be attended by various Pakistani Celebrities, Film actors, actresses, producers, directors and media persons.

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ARY Film awards #AFA14

We are NOT invited on this prestigious event as the PR Company doesn’t even know about Pakium. While talking to us, CEO of the PR Company Take II Tehmina Khalid told us that they invited “all the big websites of Pakistan but don’t know anything about the site you are talking about”. #Facepalm on them and us too.

On the other hand, the invites are given to various Instagram and blogspot bloggers who hardly have any good social following & influence on new media and who just post a couple of tweets to please the organizers and PR Agencies. Do hell with them, we are gonna cover this event from our place! for our readers! to keep them updated with latest happening.

So keep checking the space below for the Live Updates! (this won’t be first hand as we did before for #HUMAWARDS2014 but you would still love it!) 😀

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Danish Mughal April 28, 20142:08 am

Seems like its the END of the LIVE BLOG 🙁 *yaaawwwnnnn*

Will post complete winners list tomorrow once its all OVER.

Good Bye! and Pakistan Entertainment (yani Pakium) Zindabad! 😉

Danish Mughal April 28, 20141:55 am

We are not getting any update from the event place. Hoping everything is fine there. Mobile phones are not responding yet 🙁

Danish Mughal April 28, 20141:31 am

Best Male Singer Award goes to Rahat Fateh Ali Khan for Zinda Bhaag.

Danish Mughal April 28, 20141:28 am

Best Female Singer Award goes to Abida Parveen For Ishq Khuda.

Danish Mughal April 28, 20141:23 am

and the Best Independent Film viewers category Award goes to Josh Movie

Wonders how many “viewers” have watched it? Honestly, I couldn’t!

Danish Mughal April 28, 20141:03 am

“Ali Zafar got a special Award for his contribution to Pakistani cinema” :O

LIKE Seriously? We thought he only worked in Bollywood movies so far :/ #Confused

Danish Mughal April 28, 201412:59 am

The Legends of Lollywood, Ghulam Mohiuddin, Nadeem and Syed Noor at ARY FILM AWARDS

Danish Mughal April 28, 201412:57 am

JURY Category awards are over. Now is the time for VIEWERS Choice Award

Danish Mughal April 28, 201412:56 am

Amna Ilyas giving a Nagan pose after winning Best Actress Award at ARY FILM AWARDS

Danish Mughal April 28, 201412:46 am

Bilal Lashari in Simple Sherwani & Meesha Shafi in Hot Sexy Saaree! What a combination 😀

Danish Mughal April 28, 201412:45 am

Jury Award for Best Director goes to Bilal Lashari 🙂

Danish Mughal April 28, 201412:41 am

Jury award for Best Film goes to Zinda Bhaag.

Danish Mughal April 28, 201412:36 am

HAHAHAHA and how could we forget our Gooche Goo muah girl Mathira. Here she is, wearing Deepak Perwani 😀

Danish Mughal April 28, 201412:29 am

Now Reavealing: A promo of new movie “promiscuous moon” starring Sanam Saeed and Fahad Mustafa. WUHAOOO Sanam Saeed making debut in Films! Big NEWS

Danish Mughal April 28, 201412:18 am

Best actor male award (jury) goes to Humayun Saeed

Danish Mughal April 28, 201412:17 am

Best actor female award jury goes to Amna Ilyaas for Zinda Bhaag

Danish Mughal April 28, 201412:08 am

Humaima Malik spotted on the red carpet. Actress Ayesha Khan can be seen behind, giving interview to Mawra.

Danish Mughal April 28, 201412:06 am

Ayesha Omer wearing Shehla Chatoor at the red carpet of the awards show. I keep my comments reserve for this photo 😛 (ab samajh tou aap gaye hongay)

Danish Mughal April 28, 201412:03 am

Best Make up Award goes to Nabeela for Main Hoon Shahid Afridi.

Danish Mughal April 28, 201412:03 am

Best Costume Design Award goes to Sara Gandapaur for Chambeli

Danish Mughal April 28, 201412:01 am


Hamza Ali Abbasi, Shaan Shahid and Shehryar Munawwer 😉

Danish Mughal April 27, 201411:59 pm

ARAY KHIRAD! :O yeh kya hogaya tumhain? 😛

Danish Mughal April 27, 201411:56 pm

Now on stage: Hamza Ali Abbasi with Ayesha Omer, hosting the show.

Danish Mughal April 27, 201411:55 pm

Ahsan Khan and Ushna Shaw’s dance performance at ARY Film Awards

Danish Mughal April 27, 201411:52 pm

Best Story award goes to ZINDA BHAAG , thank God they didn’t give this one to WAAR as well.

Danish Mughal April 27, 201411:46 pm

the LOVELY Mahira Khan spotted at ARY Film Awards

Danish Mughal April 27, 201411:44 pm

Talented Actress and Model Aamna Sheikh spotted at Red Carpet

Danish Mughal April 27, 201411:40 pm

Beautiful and timeless beauty Zeba Bakhtiyaar and Maheen Khan at the red carpet.

Danish Mughal April 27, 201411:39 pm

Best Screenplay Award goes to Usman Khalid Butt for Siyaah.

Danish Mughal April 27, 201411:38 pm

Best Dialogue Award goes to Vasay Chaudhry for Main Hoon Shahid Afridi

Danish Mughal April 27, 201411:35 pm

Best Choreography Award goes to Main Hoon Shahid Afridi

Danish Mughal April 27, 201411:32 pm

Finally an award for #ZINDABHAAG the movie!

Best Background Score award is given to Sahir Ali Bagga for Zinda Bhaag

Danish Mughal April 27, 201411:31 pm

Hocane Sisters spotted at the Red Carpet of AFA14

Danish Mughal April 27, 201411:27 pm

Another award – best action technical award – goes to Dr. Hassan Rana for WAAR.

Danish Mughal April 27, 201411:25 pm

Amna Ilyas of Zinda Bhaag fame gave an awesome performance!

Danish Mughal April 27, 201411:23 pm

Hamza Ali Abbasi spotted on the red carpet area of ARY Film Awards

Danish Mughal April 27, 201411:23 pm

Just had a Zinger Burger with Mayo Roll & Sting. Tweeting it just to people know that there is a “human” behind a blog 😛

Danish Mughal April 27, 201411:13 pm

Fahad Mustafa who quite recently left HUM Network and joined ARY is now hosting ARY FILM AWARDS along with Sarwat Gillani!

Danish Mughal April 27, 201411:11 pm

First Look of upcoming ARY Films movie ARTH2

Danish Mughal April 27, 201411:10 pm

Reportedly, the first look of upcoming movie #ARTH2 is being screened currently at #AFA14

Danish Mughal April 27, 201411:07 pm

Reportedly, Shaan Shahid asked Humaima Malik on stage: “Emran Hashmi ke saath kaam karnay ke baad Humayun Saeed tou apko Zubaida aapa lagay honge”

Via Furqan

Danish Mughal April 27, 201411:06 pm

Another Beautiful view of the award place! Amazing setup and lights.

But its OPEN AIR and our sources telling us that people are sweating badly. Girls/actresses and models jo 4-4 inch ka make up karke aaye hain… unka HAAL BAY-HAAL hai 😛

Danish Mughal April 27, 201410:57 pm

and the best Cinematography Awards also goes to #WAAR so this is now officially WAAR AWARDS , and NOT ARY FILM AWARDS lol

Danish Mughal April 27, 201410:52 pm

Waar gets another award. This time for “Best Special Effects”

Danish Mughal April 27, 201410:48 pm

And the first award is announced. The award for Best Editing goes to BILAL LASHARI 😀 YAY!!!

Danish Mughal April 27, 201410:47 pm

Another closet look of Hot and Handsome Pakistani Star SHAAN SHAHID

Danish Mughal April 27, 201410:44 pm

Man of the Hour! Shaan Shahid hosting the Award Ceremony

Danish Mughal April 27, 201410:40 pm

Shaan Shahid as a host commenced the Awards Show. He’s gonna grab a lot of awards today. What do you guys say? Post in the comments below

Danish Mughal April 27, 201410:37 pm

The Show has just begun! here’s one photo from Inside the award ceremony hall. A dance performance is going on.


Danish Mughal April 27, 201410:36 pm

Sarwat Gillani at the backstage “Drama”. She looks pretty HOT 😀 No?

Danish Mughal April 27, 201410:29 pm

Show is going to start soon and there’s no internet connectivity inside the award hall so its difficult to get real-time updates from there. The mobile numbers of our source are also not responding :/

Danish Mughal April 27, 20149:48 pm

Noor talking to the host of the Red Carpet

Danish Mughal April 27, 20149:47 pm

Bilal Lashari wearing Sherwani made by Umar Farooq of Republic. Also talking about his new film Maula Jutt in Saima Ajram’s show on BBC Asian Network.

Danish Mughal April 27, 20149:43 pm

Aamna Sheikh just spotted on the Red Carpet of ARY Film Awards.

Danish Mughal April 27, 20149:39 pm

So Mawra Hoccain hosting the Red Carpet Event of ARY Film Awards

Danish Mughal April 27, 20149:35 pm

Finally, Celebrities start coming on Red Carpet area. Here’s Mawra Hoccain who was just spotted at the RC of ARY Film Awards

Danish Mughal April 27, 20149:14 pm

Lighting at the stage of ARY Film Awards. Spectacular! Wish we were there 🙁

Danish Mughal April 27, 20149:00 pm

Our sources at the venue indicates that there is very poor reception of mobile signals and they are unable to get any stable internet connection as well. Heck, now even their numbers are not responding. Jammers?

Danish Mughal April 27, 20148:56 pm

And here’s a wonderful photo of ARY trophy(seems heavily inspired/copied from Academy Awards aka Oscars)

Danish Mughal April 27, 20148:42 pm

Here’s a sneek preview of the “Chamkeela stage” of ARY Film Awards. The picture was taken at the rehearsals, and if you see closely that’s legendary Babra Sharif dancing there. We wish the stage is made STRONG ENOUGH. (Abhi to filmstar SAIMA ne bhee naachna hai) 😀

Danish Mughal April 27, 20148:39 pm

Lets Begin our coverage with the Entry Point of ARY Film Awards. This is supposed to be the way towards the event place.

Danish Mughal April 27, 20148:35 pm

The invitation card of ARY FILM AWARDS we didn’t receive this time #PRFail

Danish Mughal April 27, 20148:29 pm

This Post is LIVE! 🙂

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