Review: Kahin Nahin By Mustufa Pervez


By Haseeb Peer

Mustufa PervezPeople from the medical profession are rarely seen as to being ensnared by any other profession or infatuation apart from their native work of serving the people by curing their diseases; but Mustufa Pervez is an exemption to all of this.

Having started his career in the field of music with the help of his brothers by releasing songs like Doobgaya, Jaana and Kitna Yaad Aaya, Mustufa is back with a soft melodious song once again which has added toppings to his already magnificent image as an artist.

Kahin Nahin” is a supple song with soothing melodies that tears open the heart of the artist and his listeners. Dressed in all black in this video with an unplugged guitar in hand, Mustufa has created a terrific impression that has supplemented the lyrics of the song. The song starts with the artist sitting in a semi-lit room with miniscule lighting sets in a circular arcade around him. The first note struck by the singer mesmerises the soul of an individual and the first line

Mein Jhoota Nahi (I am not a liar) , Na Hai Jhoota Emaan (Nor is my conscience)

creates an inviting effect to listen further. The song is basically about a depressing soul talking to his lord about the thoughts that are buried inside his heart. The initial regret about life is clearly exemplified when the artist sings

Cheezain likheen jo paagal pan mein woh hain haseen / All the things written in madness are clearly beautiful”.

The artist conveys the message that normal life sometimes doesn’t bring the amount of happiness as compared to a life in madness. The heart touching line of the song that is mostly sung as a chorus is when the artist tells his lord that even though he is spiritually connected to the angels yet somehow he isn’t one amongst them. This line breaks down the listener completely and forces one to think about stuff, one has completely forgotten about. The artist talks about the opportunities of life and the slight ray of hope that has to be enlightened further and transformed into a complete realistic opportunity. The song ends with a question about the punishment that has been inflicted upon the man and the chorus is re-laid once again to continue the soothing effect.

Mustufa Pervez in Kahin Nahin Music Video

With no drums struck and just the guitar strumming makes this song a laid back one, that could be snooped and enjoyed completely when an individual is completely depressed and wants to cut off the connection with his life for some time. The song has to be a step towards stardom for the young Mustufa Pervez. As far as the rating for the song goes, it has to be 8/10 as Mustufa has been successful in creating an enduring upshot that will remain at least until he releases another creative song like this one.

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