Veena Sued For Rs 600 Million Over Degrading Islam in Astaghfar


“I am Veena Malik, and I will be doing with YOU the whole month of Ramadhan, the Astaghfar of mine and yours’ sins…. only on Hero TV”, says the most notorious television personality the subcontinent has ever seen. The devil’s favourite Pakistani Veena Malik is known for a large number of controversial antics but one that definitely shocked even her fans was that she would be hosting a religious show ‘Astaghfar’ on Hero TV.

The show earned 30 million viewers; a big success for a religious show and that too hosted by a controversial sex symbol. “It was a very great moment for me that people across the globe have appreciated me and they accepted my show. The show has touched the heart of people which is shown by TRP rating,” said Veena Malik. Unfortunately, the queen of controversies is about to get in trouble as a man from Lahore is suing her for Rs 600 million as he feels that she degraded Islam.

Seeing her performance in the holy month of Ramadan, disaster was indeed inevitable and where there is Veena, controversy is just a step behind her. Lets see how the lawsuit settles out.

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