Actor Asad Malik Disgraces Pakistani Politicians


During a recent interview in Express channel, Karachi based television actor Asad Malik was asked about his time of getting to know better the former Prime minister of the country, Yousaf Raza Gilana. Realizing what an excellent opportunity he just got, Asad Malik fully utilized it to express his views upon the Pakistani politicians.

Asad Malik stated that he has no respect for his country’s politicians as he believes that 99% of them are bigger actors and “2 number log”. Frustrated and filled with the will to speak the truth, Asad Malik referenced many events which show the incompetency of the big shot politicians that think that the country is in the palm of their hands.

Claiming himself as a student of Quran, the hosts, fellow guests and the chefs around the bold actor were astounded and surrendered their attention to him when he brilliantly spoke about the declining and unimpressive conditions of the country’s politicians from the Holy Book‘s point of view.

Due to sheer fear, not much actors of the country have guts to speak about the political state of the country but Asad Malik is definitely not afraid to speak his mind.

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