As we reported earlier today, Naveen Waqar has got married with Azfar Ali but there is still uncertainty among general public as to whether both Naveen and Azfar have tied the knot or its just a rumor.

To kill the rumors, we have got a bit more photos from the wedding and mehndi ceremony of Naveen-Azfar.

Watch below the photos with caption attached to it:

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Navee-Azfar Mayoon Photo

Naveen Azfar Mayoon Photo

Naveen and Azfar on their Mayoon

Naveen Waqar Mehndi Photos


Naveen Waqar on her Mehndi

Naveen Waqar along with her mom (at full left) coming to her Mehndi Ceremony, held in Karachi

Naveen Mehndi

Naveen Waqar, getting her ear rings adjusted by a relative.

Naveen-Azfar Wedding Photo

Naveen-Azfar Wedding Photo

The newly wedded couple Naveen and Azfar poses for the cameras.

More photos: