We are proud of team Seedlings


The Pakistani film industry might not be appreciated in its own regional areas but it definitely is applauded in the cities of the big apple. That’s right! Bodhichitta Film Works’s Lamha (internationally known as Seedlings) won two awards at the New York City International Film Festival (NYCIFF).

The film was nominated in a total of seven categories and managed to nail one for Best Actress category (thanks to the talented Aamina Sheikh) and the other one was the People’s Choice Award for Best Film. Considering the fact that four years ago, Aamina’s co-star in Lamha and husband Mohib Mirza wan the award for Best Actor at the International Filmmakers Festival held in Kent, it is indeed safe to say that the Pakistani film industry can regain the pride it once had and can indeed market well if granted proper attention and direction.

Before the ceremony, the ever so excited actress tweeted, “NYCIFF concludes tonight with its awards ceremony! Seven nominations for Seedlings! Grateful, blessed!” Dedication and hard work from the team of husband and wife finally paid off and set an example for fellow actors that despite the scarcity of the film appreciation in one’s own homeland, winning the big one is still inevitable.

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