Hero TV decides to air Veena Malik’s Astagfaar Show


Veena Malik hosting Astagfaar on Hero TVAfter the reports of Veena Malik removed from Hero TV’s Astagfaar show, the situation has got another twist and Hero TV management now decides to take a risk and air Veena Malik’s Astagfaar Show.

Following the public outrage on social media, Veena Malik had been dropped from the show and the whole crew of the program that was busy in shooting in Dubai was called back. Reportedly, Hero TV had already paid upto 4 Million PKR to Veena Malik for the show recordings and 6 episodes of the said show has already been recorded. To save the channel from huge loss, the management has now decided to broadcast the first six episodes of the show, which have been recorded already.

The show would be continued and Veena might return back, if Pakistani TV audience appreciates the first 6 episodes.

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