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Muskan Khan to Hit Bollywood

by Faizan Ali - on Jul 31st 2012

Muskan Khan, a Pakistani model turned actress has now decided to try her luck in Bollywood. Like every other Pakistani model or actress, Muskan had a dream to work in international projects, so when the opportunity came to work in Bollywood, she took a leap. The news about Muskan is she is going to debut in a South Indian movie,...

Fawad Khan To Debut His Clothing Brand (Slik) on 3rd August

by Faizan Ali - on Jul 31st 2012

Fawad Afzal Khan (wildly popular as Ashar of Humsafar) has decided to lauch his own clothing line. The brand is named as “Silk by Fawad khan”. Fawad is prehaps the most adorable personality for a Pakistani women’s point of view and now he has decided to take benefit of this blessing. He got his sky high fame after...

Usman Riaz Circus in the Sky (Album Preview)

Lead the Way by “Keeray Makoray”

by Faizan Ali - on Jul 30th 2012

[youtube width=”640″ height=”360″]5NBmfBoDiQ4[/youtube]


Song: Lead the Way

Band: Keeray Makoray

Waris Baig Hired as Muslim Ambassador By an Indian Channel

by Faizan Ali - on Jul 29th 2012

A leading Indian channel Zee Salam has now hired Pakistani Singer Waris Baig as a Muslim Ambassador for the channel. Waris Baig is a renowned Pakistani singer known for his soft, melodious and mature singing. The Islamic channel has hired Waris baig (as a Muslim ambassador) in order to exert some light onto the Urdu language and...

Zoe Viccaji Waiting for Rain (Photo Shoot by Natasha Jahangir)

by Ata ur Rehman - on Jul 28th 2012

Zoe Viccaji Waiting for Rain (more…)

Atif Aslam to lend his vocals to the Sound Track Of “Reluctant Fundamentalist”

by Faizan Ali - on Jul 28th 2012
Atif Aslam to sing for Reluctant Fundamentalist

Atif Aslam, the heart throb of millions around the globe , has provided a big treat for his fans. The news is there like, Atif is going to provide his vocal talent to the sound track of an independant international movie, The Reluctant Fundamentalist. Atif is known for his busy routine as he keeps on providing both solo tracks and...