Matheera is trending again for her Hot Pics and T0p less Photoshoot


There are certain celebs in our showbiz industry, who remain always INN in media gossips and in making headlines. In case you still don’t know them, let me remind their names back again.

One is the drama queen Veena Malik, and the other one is her new competitor in Pakistan, the gooche-goo girl Matheera (Mathira).

Mathira was quite an unknown, low profile and cheap TV host who used to do a show on Vibe TV in off timings. She was more like a weird girl who could do things on TV that we’d never seen before. Then, her fate got changed and she was reported in Los Angeles times as “Paris Hilton of Pakistan”. Like many others, me too, was like WTH is wrong. The article was solely for the fake publicity of Mathira and we had no idea how did she get there and more importantly tagged as “Paris Hilton of Pakistan”. Indeed, she had been reported as one of the hottest babe in Pakistan, but still she had “nothing to offer”.

Her objectionable personal photos were already leaked over internet, but the masses didn’t give attention to it. (mainly because they had never heard if species like Mathira did exist in our society)

After sometime, Mathira left Vibe TV and joined Pakistan’s biggest entertainment channel AAG TV for yet another confused show, Baaji online. Mathira was now solving the issues of our youth by pretending to be their “sister”.

Even being on the biggest TV channel didn’t help her much, the ratings were down. It all started when her first controversial naked photoshoot for a local fashion magazine appeared over internet, which we picked it up and reported first here on this blog. It was the turning point of her career. Seeing the extreme viral reaction on her photoshoot, she(even we) had got the idea what she needs to be done to “make headlines”.

It didn’t take her long to come up with another controversy, though it could be a mistake as well, but pundits believe that it was all pre-planned when Mathira’s top fell down at Fashion Pakistan week.

Mathira is now trending again for her yet another bold and hot photoshoot. For last couple of days, we have been observing traffic spikes on posts related to Mathira. It tells us that even we had skipped her new hot photoshoot on purpose, it is getting quite huge buzz over other mediums. Probably, a TV channel has shown her photos to the masses or any RJ may have discussed Mathira on his/her show.

Whatever the reason may be, SHE is the most searched Pakistani celeb right now and no matter how much people curse her, there are more people who are actually searching “Mathira hot pics”, rather than reading a crap piece of text that I have written with NO PHOTOS at all. Oops!

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