Adil Omar – Ten Thousand (Music Video/Lyrics)



Singer: Adil Omar
Song: Ten Thousand
Directed by Adil Omar, shot by Shaheer Shahid.

I write/ride a train of thought, you niggas wish you had a psycho brain,
the type to kill a rapper while I listen to Shania Twain,
“I’mma rider mayne!” – we anarchy’s sons,
Pakzilla stomp civilians, humanity runs in fear!
You fucking queer rappers, faggots with schemes,
you get incinerated quick into ashes, your dreams are my reality,
A hedonistic crowned titan,
Bow down to Adilla the hun, the Brown Viking,
Audio version of a motherfucking Serbian snuff cinema,
Equivalent of watching your girl get a rough enema,
you journalist fucks can all learn how to crunch your damn opinion,
you ain’t even in my target audience!
and if the audience ain’t my target audience, I’ll target the audience,
[you fucking scumbags!] – anything I see as fraudulent,
I’m ugly, hungry, gully – eat it if the cunt’s juicy,
quit rap and start a porno career like I was Son Doobie,
I’m outta my mind, I’m outta control,
Got a hold of your mind, pull it outta your skull,
The coolest in sight, coming after your school,
Not a student alive is coming outta the pool,
Bermuda – cuz you don’t want it with Grav,
or Hard Target gonna rush your spot, get pummeled and stabbed,
I’m a great white shark, fucking loch-a-ness,
I’m thumpin’ eight tight broads with my monster dick,
and if you ain’t my boys, you end up hostages,
so just count to ten thousand and bow your head!

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