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Atif Aslam finally working on 4th album, to be released in 2011

by Danish Mughal - on Apr 30th 2011

Atif Aslam New 4th AlbumAtif Aslam, who had been extremely busy in Concerts, touring , Bollywood and other media activities, is now finally focusing and working on his own new album. The 4th music album of the famous singer will be released by the end of this year.

Aslam had been delaying his own album due to his ever busy schedule. He was touring the whole world around, singing the songs for bollywood movies and was also busy with a Peace project by Sonic Peace Makers. Other than these ventures, his debut movie BOL was also in pipeline in which he was doing his acting debut. Today, the famous singer revealed the news to Times of India.

Atif Aslam told TOI:

“I will be visiting India next month in month of may for the release of my debut movie. Meanwhile, I’m also working on my new album, which will be released by this year. Its been a long time I haven’t visited India and I’m hoping to be there soon.”

We wish Atif Aslam best of luck for his new album and hope the album comes out on time so as his most awaited movie BOL.

Hasan Rizvi’s Dance Performance at Bridal Couture Week 2011 Karachi

by Danish Mughal - on Apr 30th 2011

Bridal Couture Week 2011 was taken by storm by two of BodyBeats most rocking performances. One you have watched already on our facebook page: Rabia Chaudhry’s awesome dance moves.

The other one, by the dance choreographer Hasan Rizvi was named by the critics the high light of the BCW event. Watch Hasan Rizvi perform with the spectacular Breakhna & Zarmeena:

(tipped to us by Masood Mehak)

Filmstar Meera facing mental disorder? or what?

by Danish Mughal - on Apr 30th 2011


Pakistani Film Actress Meera with Mahesh Bhatt

Since she left for India, there are bizarre statements, weird gossips and controversies keep on developing each day in the media of sub-continent. Perhaps, the infamous Meera wanted it that way.

First Meera blamed Mahesh Bhatt of abusing her , then She reached back again to his office and apologized for anything that happened, saying that she was only kidding with Bhatt SaabJi. Now this was the height of double standard, and a credible person like Bhatt should have taught Meera a tough lesson for this, but he was nice enough and had probably learnt the psychology of the film actress. While clarifying his position, he had already said : (more…)

Quratulain Balouch to release a music video for “Akhiyan Nu Ren Day”

by Danish Mughal - on Apr 30th 2011

Quratulain Balouch QBQuratulain Balouch a.k.a QB is planning to make and release a music video for Akhiyan Nu Ren day – an old classic Punjabi track first sung by Reshma – later covered by Atif Aslam and now QB.

The upcoming singer who covered the old track and release it online via internet received an overwhelming response from the listeners. The track got viral within no time and she managed to get two thousand plus fans on her Facebook page. Then, we broke the big news that Quratulain Balouch(Q.B) is in Coke Studio, which made her even more credible and ‘worth keeping eye artist’.

Something about the track: Akhiyan Nu Ren Day”

The hit punjabi song has had the old history of being used again and again. Sometimes ripped or otherwise covered in a concert. ‘Akhiyan Nu Ren Day’ was first ripped in Raj Kapoor’s hit movie ‘Bobby’, where Lata Jee sung the song as ‘Akhion ko rehnay day, Akhion ke Aas Pass’. Then later in 2008, Atif Aslam revived this great track to give tribute to Reshma in Lux Style Awards . (more…)

DAY 2: Style360 Bridal Couture Week [Press Release+HQ Pictures]

by Danish Mughal - on Apr 30th 2011

Day2 of Style360 Bridal Couture Week 2011 Expo Center Karachi

Karachi, April 23: The second day, first segment of Style360 Bridal Couture Week organized by Style360 and sponsored by Pantene, in association with J&S, opened with Mona Imran. (more…)

NOORI guys to re-unite at PACC, KARACHI GIG

by Danish Mughal - on Apr 29th 2011

Noori's Karachi GIG with Gumby and Ali Jaffri

Just a few moments ago, the band Noori updated their fans about an upcoming GIG of them in Karachi, which they are organizing themselves for the first time. The Ali brothers created hype for the event in a video blog, as they named the gig ‘NOT TO BE MISSED’ .

Like all we were also curious to know about what they are actually offering in the GIG. Some said it would be Exclusive Merchandise or Goodies, some were of the view that they might collaborate with Qayaas – a rock band to whom they praised and released their debut album Qayaas –  and so as one friend said It will be premier of their NEW MUSIC VIDEO.

When we asked our ‘inside sources’ about this, we are told … (more…)

Ali Zafar performed and sung another bollywood track F.U.N Fun Funaa (Video)

by Reporter - on Apr 29th 2011

ali zafar in fun fun funaAli Zafar has performed a stunt sequence at the climax of LUV KA THE END using an SUV and those who were present says he was great with the skids. Zafar’s media manager told us, “During the climax there is a scene where he has to drop the girls home and he refused to use any body double or stunt driver.

This Y-films production will release on the 6th of May and stars Ali Zafar in a cameo role as Freddie Kapoor, the biggest rockstar in the region. Ali Zafar has not only performed but also sung the song F.U.N FUN FUNAA at the movie climax. (more…)