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Rahat Fateh and Shafqat Amanat Jointly Sung Imtihan Hai Imtihan

by Danish Mughal - on Dec 30th 2010

In their successful bid to pay tribute to the brave Pakistanis, the two music maestros Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and Shafqat Amanat Ali Khan have jointly sung a song ‘Imtehan Hai Imtehan’ that has been an instant success on the internet. The audio of the song is being released by the production company Sixth Sense Communications today on Pakistan’s prime FM radio networks. (more…)

Concert Videos : Atif Aslam Live in LUMS Lahore (Warid Corporate Event)

by Waqas Sarwar - on Dec 30th 2010



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A night of musical feasting with the Cheapmunks

by Waqas Sarwar - on Dec 30th 2010

LAHORE: To have a venue brimming with crowds is a rare occasion for any performer particularly for someone as young and fresh as the Cheapmunks. The feisty young girls managed to get Lahoris on time for a night of musical feasting. With a diverse range of spectators in the house, the energy was electrifying. A tantalising buzz of optimism and energy filled the air when the young congregated one couldn’t help but be drawn into that force. (more…)

Bilal Khan Live at LUMS Lahore Concert (Warid Corporate Event)

by Danish Mughal - on Dec 29th 2010

Exclusive Pictures of Bilal Khan’s performance at LUMS Lahore Concert, held on 24th December 2010, by Warid Telecom

Concert Review: Atif Aslam Rocks @ LUMS

by Waqas Sarwar - on Dec 28th 2010

Written By Amna Aslam

The one reason that got me accepting the task of covering the LUMUN concert was that Atif Aslam was going to perform. Yes, that man’s voice is magical and his songs are oh-so-awesome!! =D Over 1200 people witnessed this in the hockey ground last night when Atif Aslam rocked LUMS to its foundations, literally!

After an opening by one of LUMS own band, followed by Bilal Khan’s popular “Bachana” (among a few other songs) Atif Aslam, dressed in a white dress shirt, black pants, jacket and hat, entered the stage, all set to drive the crowd into a frenzy of rock-and-roll! He sang song after song, not letting the energy of the audience go slack for even a moment. Participants sang along to light, melodious songs and banged their heads to hard-rock ones.

After sitting the concert through for around 90 minutes, the audience was told to stand by a charismatic Atif who had declared: Is this a rock concert? C’mon, stand up everyone!!! (SOME guests CAN break our rigid rules =P) What more could the audience have asked for? Things went wild, noisier and crazier as the audience jumped and sang along with Atif. The agitated security team tried it’s best to make the audience sit down one more time. Once this feat had been achieved by the efforts of the volunteers, Atif made them get up AGAIN! And for good! (more…)

Adnan Sami Khan in trouble with Indian authorities

by Waqas Sarwar - on Dec 28th 2010

Adnan Sami having trouble with indian authoritiesAdnan Sami Khan has gained widespread fame from his move to India where he has had more access to bigger projects. Even though he travels the globe performing he has found a home in India and who can blame him for that when Pakistan is still not capable of marketing or selling big name acts. Sami Khan may have embraced India but India has taken a few steps back. The singer/composer has had a life filled with controversy from the custody battle with actress Zeba Bakhtiar over their son Azaan. (more…)

Pakistani rapper Bohemia in Bollywood again

by Waqas Sarwar - on Dec 28th 2010

CHANDIGARH: US-based Pakistani rapper Bohemia, who collaborated with Akshay Kumar in Chandni Chowk To China for the snazzy version of the title track, is expecting to ink another deal with the Bollywood star.

“Last month I had a meeting with Akshay bhai again. Hopefully, I will again contribute in his film. Talks are on with many other filmmakers and very soon things will be finalised,” Bohemia told IANS. (more…)