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Introducing another upcoming Pakistani Singer/Rapper/Producer Jo-G

by Danish Mughal - on Feb 27th 2010

Jo-G is another upcoming artist who is ready to hit Pakistan’s Mainstream Music Scene very soon. He is the son of Legendary Singer Saleem Javed and have also showed his rapping skills in a video with his father. He is write singer/rapper/producer, Audio Engineer & an actual Singer. He just came back to Pakistan after completing his Audio production course from Canada. These days he is doing last mastering to his album tracks and planning to release his debut album very soon. You can download his 3 songs exclusively from our website, and we are sure that you will be amazed to download & then listen the songs.


Downloadable Track:

2.Tu Mera Dil (must download track)

You can also check out Jo-G’s Rapping Skills in the video below:

For more information about Jo-G Visit his Official Website or join his official facebook fan page.

Ali Zafar chats with his fans on Facebook

by Danish Mughal - on Feb 27th 2010

Ali Zafar chats with his fans on Facebook

Covered By Danish Mughal

Social Media Marketing is not only attracting Small Companies to target their customers but also the musicians to keep their fans updated & engaged. You can see the Official presence of mostly Pakistani musicians on Facebook, but only few are successful to keep their fans updated & intact. One of them is Ali Zafar, who is adopting latest technology trends earlier than any one.

First, It was joining Facebook, launching an Official Youtube channel then a Twitter Account and Now, He gave his fans time to Chat with him Online.

Ali Zafar Chats with Fans

Today, Ali Zafar Page updated fans about setting up of a Chat Box Application on the Facebook page and announced that Ali Zafar himself will come online at 5:00 Pm PST to chat with his FANS. It was one of its kind in Pakistan that a celebrity was giving time to his fans Online , I mean to a large number of fans.

So the dedicated fans started installing that application and joining the chat room. Every one was asking there where is Ali  ? Will he really come online?  and when would he come Online? etc. Some People were also commenting that he would be FAKE ALI ZAFAR (but we think If he can record video in his studio and upload it on Youtube then why can’t he come online and chat with his fans for some moments”

Anyhow, at exact 5:oo PM Ali Zafar joined the chat room and fans flooded the chat area with the bulk messages. It was very messy there , around 50 people were online for Chat and 10 or more people were writing at the same time continuously, so definitely no one was able to read any one’s message and Even Ali Zafar confused in the start but after a couple of minutes the things started to settle down as Ali started to read some questions & writing short answers for them.

Most of the girls were asking him to sing a song or call her name. Ali remained online for about 20 mins and then left the room, some fans were also joining the chat room after the leave of Ali Zafar.

In his chat he wrote some very interesting things which we would like to share with our readers.

He uses Black Berry

Waist is 31

Studied from NCA

He liked the movies “Inglorious bastards” & “3idiots”

One fan asked “do you listen to Atif Aslam songs? ”

His answer was “Atif is great”  and for one question he replied “I can’t sing it bettet than Atif”

Another amazing question asked from him was, “Would you like to work in Bollywood’s Dostana2 ? ”

He replied, ” ask Atif & Jal ” *lol*

and now we want to share what he revealed in his chat about upcoming projects.

He said, “My upcoming Album “Jhoom” will be released in April (may be in march as well)  and the album will not contain any English Song”

His first Bollywood Movie “Tere Bin Laden” will be released in July 2010″

About Coke Studio appearance he said “Musicians change in Coke Studio seasons , I will appear in next Season insha ALLAH”

Naat Audio/Video: Ali Haider – Maula Dil Badal De

by Danish Mughal - on Feb 27th 2010

Check out Ali Haider’s latest Naat Video “Maula Dil Badal De” from his debut Naat Album.

To Download this Naat “Mola Dil Badal Day” Click HERE

To Download this Naat Video Click HERE


Badal de Dil ki duniya dil badal day
Mera Ghaflat mein dooba dil badal day

Hawa-o-Hirs wala dil badal day
Mera Ghaflat mein dooba dil badal day

Badal de Dil ki duniya dil badal day
Khudaya Fazl farmaa dil badal day

Gunah gaari main kab tak Umr kaatoun

Badal day Mera rasta dil badal day

Sunoun Main naam Tera dharkanon Main
Maza aajaye Maula dil badal day

Hataaloun aankh apni Maa-siwa say
Jiyoun Mein Teri khatir dil badal day

Karoun Qurbaan Apni Saari Khushiyaan
Tu apna ghum ata kar dil badal day

Sehal farmaa musalsal yaad apni
Khudaya Reham farmaa dil badal day

Para houn Teray dar par dil shikasta
Rahoun kyu dil shikasta dil badal day

Tera hojaoun itni arzoo hay
Bas itni hay tamanna dil badal day

Meri faryaad sunlay Meray Maula
Banalay apna banda dil badal day

Tera hojaoun itni arzoo hay
Bas itni hay tamanna dil badal day

Meri faryaad sunlay Meray Maula
Banalay apna banda dil badal day

Dilay magmoom ko masroor karday
Dil-e-be noor ko purnoor karday

Faroza dil mein sham-e-toor karday
Yay gosha noor say ma?moor karday

Mera zahir sanwar jaaye Ilaahi
Meray baatin ki zulmat door karday

Hay meri ghaat mein khud nafs mera
Khudaya isko dey maqdoor karday

Mera zahir sanwar jaaye Ilaahi
Meray baatin ki zulmat door karday

Ma-e-wahdat Pila maqmoor karday
Mohabbat k nashay main choor karday

Mera zahir sanwar jaaye Ilaahi
Meray baatin ki zulmat door karday

Omer Bilal Akhtar(ADP) reviews Royal Rodale Concert (20 Feb 2010)

by Danish Mughal - on Feb 26th 2010

The Concert review shared below is done by Omer Bilal Akhtar of Aunty Disco Project(ADP). The Band ADP started the show before the performance of “JOSH” and gave an amazing & outstanding performance and simply rocked the crowd at Royal Rodale. We couldn’t again see or cover the band’s live performance but this review tells us what actually happened there. Omer also shares some bad experiences he & his band suffered there . So do read out this review if you want to know what actually happens before the concert & at the back stage.

Concert Review: Josh Naal Pao Bhangra

By Omer Bilal Akhtar (ADP)

So we opened for JoSH this past weekend….

The show was at Royal Rodale, which is thankfully pretty close to where I live, so I was relieved that it wasn’t a major trek. The boys and I were pretty pumped about the show, Yasir and Rahail got to my place early and even managed to squeeze in a game of cricket that got far too sweaty. Well basically it was Yasir and me playing while Rahail and Aamir sat on the side and made hurtful comments.

The problem with having a gig closeby is that you tend to relax about the things you carry, when we finally got to the venue, we realized we were missing a bunch of things.  Luckily Ali Alam was able to get them. He had yet to arrive because he travels separately… on a white horse… flanked by nubile women…with palm leaves…feeding him Skittles.

The stage setup looked fantastic, it was about 10 feet high surrounded by this massive iron rig. Ishtiaq Bhai of Shadab Sound was doing our sound today, it was the first time I had worked with him, we had been going with Audiolink for the longest time, so I was looking forward to the change. The soundcheck was pretty painless and it sounded really good, so we were really enthused about performing.

However, there was a really strange vibe going around. We were getting stared at like we were aliens. I think we were generally a little put off because the Royal Rodale management and their security people were being dickish. We kept walking up and down, transporting our things and we walked through the check points enough times for them to know who we were. And we got stopped at every point along the way with people asking us if we had a ticket or a pass. Now we’re not the kind of band that makes a big deal out of things like this, its fine if people don’t know who we are. But unless you have employed a bunch of goldfish as your security, you’d think that they would remember us from the 5 times we passed by them. I know we’re not the most famous band in Pakistan but it seems to me, that if you paid us money to come perform at your concert, you’d know who the fuck we were.

As performers, we had the privelege of getting 10 free tickets for the entire band to give out, while it wasn’t a lot, we didn’t ask for anymore. I took our guest list down to the ticketing counter and tried to explain to the ticketing guys that they needed to let those people in. I was confronted by the ‘head organizer’ who fixed me with a “who the fuck are you” glare, clearly meant to intimidate. I calmly tried to explain that I was Omar from ADP and I had a guest list that needed to be taken care of. He in turn glared back and claimed that the guest list hadn’t been discussed with him. I said that my manager had spoken to the organizers and they said it was fine. A tense standoff happened before he finally said fine. By this time I was seething.

The guys started getting irritated as this needless harassment. Things got ugly when we walked out of the gate holding water bottles that the organizers had provided us. The guards saw us walking out with those bottles. When we tried to re-enter, they informed us we couldn’t bring the bottles back in. No amount of reasoning could convince them that these were in fact water bottles that came from Royal Rodale. Again, I chose to tell the guys to chill out, and ignore it, but we were all just livid.

The opening act 90 Degrees were performing, we got a couple of their songs. We knew that the crowd hadn’t really arrived yet, so we decided to go back to my place where we could relax for awhile and I could change into my sexy performance clothes.

The moment we got to my place, the organizers started calling us back, telling us the concert had a midnight deadline and we needed to get on stage now. I was afraid that this was going to happen, which is why I was glad that we weren’t there, being subjected to needless pressure. We told them to wait, we’d be there in ten minutes. I was trying really hard to not let the bad vibes get to the guys, I think it helped that we were all together in once car, so we kept our spirits up.

Once we got in, there was a pretty sizeable crowd and there was an RJ on stage trying to buy time because Aunty Disco Project were late. I didn’t see what the massive fuss was, we had barely been gone for 15 minutes and we were going to start the show at 9:40, which was a pretty decent time to start.

We took the stage and I was amused by a row of extremely buff bouncers at the foot of the stage dressed in fatigues ( no jokes!) and combat boots. It looked like the A-Team was the night’s security. They were doing their best to intimidate the front row which mostly consisted of screaming teenage girls. I asked the crowd to come closer and not be afraid of the bouncer guys and cracked a few jokes at their expense. Judging by the look that one of the dudes gave me, I was pretty sure that he was going to rape me after the show.

We started with Sultanat, and the crowd surged forward and started cheering and headbanging. It was magnificent! everyone knew the words and were singing along and it warmed my heart to see boys and girls dancing and just genuinely enjoying themselves. We played all original material for the first time, including our new versions of “Likhta Nahin Mein” and “Raat Jaagi”. “Nazar” was a crowd favourite and we also played “Jaaney Vaaley’, one of the newer tracks. We were all set to perform 4 more songs when we were told by the organizers to cut our set short. I was in no mood to fight especially since we were having such a good time on stage, so we just went straight into “Hum Na Rahey’ and “Mujhey Sahara Do” as a finale.

We got off the stage to thunderous applause and people asking for more, I knew the set had been too short but at least we put on a good show, and thats all you can really ask for.

We briefly met JoSH backstage while we were left the stage. They seemed nice and really polite. Before he got on, Q turned to Yasir and asked “Crowd mein bachiyaan bhee hain, yaa sirf launday?” (Are there any chicks in the crowd or are there just desperate dudes?). I was most amused.

As we went downstairs to put our equipment away, we had mixed emotions about the show. Our performance itself was great but just the general atmosphere had been kinda hostile. Rahail and Giles left immediately, Ali, Yasir and I decided to stick around for JoSH.

While we were coming back up, security decided to stop us again and this time I lost my temper and accused the guards of simply trying to humiliate us. People were watching so I went upstairs without causing too much of a scene, but still seething….I went back down when I was leaving and decided to give them a peace of my mind. I started off trying to politely reason with the Royal Rodale management, but they seemed to be on some massive power trip and started yelling back at me. That was when I lost it a second time and I accused them of getting their kicks stopping and harassing people for no reason. I’ve tried to have a really clean record when dealing with people and the last thing I want to be accused of is diva-esque behaviour. But this was beyond what I could handle and I caused a scene. My friends stepped in to defuse the situation and then I finally left after an admittedly self righteous rant about Pakistan and our society and how we lack common decency (heck I don’t even know what I was on about, I’d like to think I was quite eloquent)

I have to say I was a little dissappointed by the fact that JoSH were relying on pre-recorded backing tracks while singing live for the concert. I suppose it makes logistical sense since they’re coming from Canada and probably dont have time to rehearse with a live band. But it just tones down the live energy of a show. Anyway, the songs were good, and the crowd seemed to be enjoying themselves which is always good to see. JoSH finished at around 11:20, well before midnight, so telling us to cut our setlist short for them was basically a load of shit.

It was a day that should have been great for us, but all the hostility and gotten to us and we were exhausted by the constant defensive mentality we had to keep up. But on the plus side, the concert was well organized, without technical issues and the organizers got it right for the most part. Somethings could have been handled better, but at least our crowd enjoyed the show and I’d like to think we gave them their moneys worth.

Aaah well, till the next time then…

Watch/Download : LIVING ON THE EDGE WAQAR’s DEN Episode 7 FULL [25th FEB 2010]

by Waqas Sarwar - on Feb 25th 2010

Click Here : Download Full Episode 7 [25th Feb 2010]

Watch Full Episode 7 [25th Feb 2010]

Atif Aslam has his 2 songs in Debut Movie BOL

by Danish Mughal - on Feb 24th 2010

Atif Aslam & Omer NadeemSince we broke the news on internet that Atif Aslam has been casted by Shoaib Mansoor in his upcoming movie Bol, there were rumors spreading that whether Atif is singing for the movie soundtracks or not . Some sources claimed that Atif is not singing for the movie and that He will lip sync on Ali Khan’s voice.

Here is a good news for Atif Aslam fans , He is actually singing for the movie soundtracks and recorded songs in the studio. As per our information Atif sang 2 songs for the movie(this news had come to our attention a week before,  but we weren’t sure about it) . Now another development is confirming this news , which is a statement by Omer Nadeem about the movie Bol.

Omer Nadeem – an upcoming musician & ex-member of Jal Band – has revealed that he had been approached by Shoaib Mansoor and he recorded a track with Atif Aslam. Shoaib Mansoor wanted to have Omer Nadeem’s original songs for the movie, but due to some reasons It couldnt be happened. Here am sharing with you the revealing statement AS IT IS by Omer Nadeem:

Yes..!!Shoaib Mansoor approached me and asked weather I can compose for his film I said yes I can compose for him then he called me to his office next morning I was very much excited.After fewdays I went to his studio where Atif aslam was also present then Aatif and I composed a song which Shoaib Mansoor liked very much.It was great pleasure to work with Atif after almost 6 year gap we had great chemistry at that time and still i felt the same level as far as music is concern,It feel nostalgic “Puraani Yaadein Taaza Hogaye”.Initially Shoaib Mansoor wanted to have couple of my original songs but the circumstances didnt allow me to have this honor.The major reason behind this is that Atif Aslam is acting in the movie so it would look better if he sing those song himself so i didnt want my album to get affected but still we didnt compromise what we composed for the movie.InshaAllah this song will be a big hit

Rock & Roll Jihad by Salman Ahmed of Junoon

by Staff - on Feb 22nd 2010

Salman Ahmed's rock n roll jihadA rock star’s journey to social revolution

By Saher Baloch

It is not easy to understand Salman Ahmed, a self-confessed “Jihadi” who was the famed lead guitarist of the now defunct Sufi-rock band, Junoon. He has simple ideas, but through his constant shifting from one thought to another, it seems he does not want to be slotted into any category. He speaks whatever he feels like, and through his answers, comes across as a person who is constantly reinventing himself.

Salman Ahmed has also been appointed as the goodwill ambassador of the United Nations for HIV/AIDS, because of which he has been making appearances on international forums and fund generating functions. (more…)