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Why do musicians release song on Websites first and then on TV Channels?

by Danish Mughal - on Jan 31st 2010

Why do musicians release song on Websites first and then on TV Channels?

By Danish Mughal

Why Musicians release song Online

I have been asked an amazing question from an upcoming artist “Why do musicians release their song first on websites & then on TV Channels ? ”

Well, as being an Administrator of a Music Sharing Website I think there are certain factors due to which musicians prefer to release their song via websites , some of them are as follows:

  1. Instant Release
  2. Instant Feedback
  3. More Popular Among Youth
  4. In Availability of Video
  5. Red- Tapism
  6. Free Promotion

1. Instant Release

The very first reason to release music on Websites is “Instant Release” . Normally, it doesn’t take more than 1-2 days to release a song on websites. Sometimes, a song released within an hour of its submission(only where pro-active team members like us are working : p).feedback, comments On the other hand, TV Channels take some time airing a particular video & they can’t release a single song without its video.

2. Instant Feedback

By releasing the music on websites first, Musicians get immediate feedback from their target audience which is not available in mass communication. If the feedback comes positive then they move to the next level and make a video for it and go ahead with their work & vice versa. Feedback helps musician to observe the taste of the audience and also motivates as well as help to learn more their mistakes. Indeed, it is the most important factor which force musicians to release their songs online.

3. Popular among Youth:

Boy using internet & listening musicInternet has become an important part of the life of the younger generation. In a recent survey the results showed

“77% of the young generation spend time on the Internet and 23% on TV”

Similar scene in Pakistan is developing these days. Today, most of the young people who has Internet access, spend more time online than watching TV. Thus, It is clear from the survey as well that Websites are more popular among Youth than TV Channels.

4. In-availability of Video:

A single track can’t be on-aired on tv channels until the musician is ready with its video.So, here internet again fills the gap and give musicians a chance to throw their singles online and get benefits from “Instant Release” & “Instant Feedback” factor, even if they don’t have a video of the song.

5. Red-Tapism

Airing a music video on TV Channels is more lengthy & tiring process than submitting & releasing your video on websites.


Ultimate benefit is, Music Websites give musicians a free chance to submit, release & promote their songs & not a single penny is charged from them in many cases. It has also been observed that Musicians happily spend Rs. 40,000 on a song recording but do not spend Rs. 4000 on its effective promotion.

After reading all these factors, now you may have the idea that Why Musicians release their music first on Internet & then on TV Channels.  So, I close this topic by saying that there should be no doubt that

Internet & Websites are the future of Music

Album Review: All Night Long by Circle Of Trust

by havi - on Jan 31st 2010

By Havi Zayed


Circle of Trust - Electronic MusicAlbum Tracklist:

  1. Habibi
  2. Aasman
  3. Bazi
  4. Zindagi
  5. Mahiya
  6. Naraz
  7. Kahan Tum
  8. Peera
  9. Habibi Remix
  10. Lajo
  11. Mahjabeen
  12. Hum
  13. Pyar
  14. Zindagi Remix
  15. Aankhain

The two brothers Maaz and Sheeraz both born in Quetta have been creating shock waves as they experiment a new tune on the Pakistani population for a long time. However it is after a lengthy wait of 2 years that their first album has finally been released.

All Night Long brings forth music that is new to many Pakistani ears. So far one of the only forms of music produced in Pakistan that Pakistanis can dance to is Bhangra but the valuable addition of this album proves that there is clearly scope for dance albums in Pakistan. Since Pakistani radio channels are very actively playing dance and remix songs this album has many prospects. (more…)

VJ Waqar Zaka giving dare to Dr. Shaista Wahidi in Good Morning Pakistan on 25th Jan 2010

by Waqas Sarwar - on Jan 30th 2010

VJ Waqar Zaka giving dare to Dr. Shaista Wahidi in Good Morning Pakistan on 25th Jan 2010

Download : Good Morning Pakistan (25th Jan 2010)

Watch Free Live Streaming: Pakistan Vs. Australia Under 19 WC Final 2010

by Danish Mughal - on Jan 29th 2010

Watch Free Live Streaming: Pakistan Vs. Australia Under 19 WC 2010

Courtesy :

Mauj’s Debut Album hit the market with Mona’s Video

by Danish Mughal - on Jan 28th 2010

Mauj’s Debut Album hit the market with Mona’s Video

By Danish Mughal


Mauj Now in TechnicolorMauj Band’s most awaited debut album is finally out in the local markets, with the video of “Mona” hitting the screens. The debut album “Now in Technicolor” had already been put online for sale on Amazon last year. Fire Records – the strongest Record label in Pakistan – is releasing the album in Pakistan after almost half an year of its Online Release.

We haven’t got actual album in our hands yet but the track list of Online Album Release is as follows: (actual album might contain some bonus songs as well)

1. Khayal
2. Awaaz
3. Aye Na Aye
4. Baat Barti Gayi
5. Hasratein
6. Mona
7. Kal Kya Pata
8. Khushfehmi
9. Pyar Ka Jadoo
10. Paheliyan

Watch out the culture oriented music video of “Mona” in which Omran can be seen again in an amazing role (again surrounded by girls : p )

Download & Watch: LIVING ON THE EDGE Waqar’s Den Auditions Episode 3 – 28 Jan 2010

by Waqas Sarwar - on Jan 28th 2010




Episode 3 (28 Jan 2010)


Click Here To Download

Part 1


Hitler Finds out about IPL snub to Pakistani players

by Danish Mughal - on Jan 26th 2010

All the Pakistanis were dissapointed on the rejection of their Players in IPL 3. But do u guys know what was Hitler’s reaction ? Yes HITLER *lol* please don’t be surprised or shocked.  He was alive just to see the day when Pakistani Players had to be insulted in IPL.

Here we are sharing the most difficult moments in Hitler’s life where he expresses his fullest sympathy with Shahid Afridi & Pakistani Players on their rejection .

I don’t wanna disclose the whole content of the video clip embedded below, but one thing is for sure , it is fu**** hilarious & a must watch for All Pakistanis. I can’t stop playing & laughing on it … apology for sharing this video with some abusing words but Hats off to the person who gave subtitles to it.  Sir Kamaal Kardia Aapnay !!! (Y)

Check out the video & feel free to share :