Add Music to iPhone, iPod and iPod Touch with/without iTunes


Add Music to iPhone, iPod and iPod Touch with/without iTunes

An Easy Step Guide to manage your music playlist

By Omar Khan

Music is the main theme of this place and I realized that music is something that we enjoy regardless of where you are and what you’re doing. So I decided to write-up a post for those who are always on the move and even for those who just enjoy laying in bed and listening to music.

With the average iPod Shuffle being sold for a little less than Rs. 6000, It is quite affordable for most, and since the Apple revolution has kicked other music players out of the game, it is more likely than not that most of us would have an iPod or an iPhone with us.

Now the question arises on how do we easily manage our music, playlists etc. on our iPods, iPhone without any hassle. Below I describe how music can be added to the iPhone, iPod, iPod Touch with and without iTunes. The process is simple and painless on both fronts.

First we`ll look at how to manage music with iTunes

Add music with iTunes

1.  Get iTunes. Download a copy from Apple’s website here

2. Add music to iTunes: Add all your songs to the iTunes library. Select File and select Add Folder to Library. Find the folder which holds your music on your computer and import all the folders. You can also buy songs from the iTunes music store but now we are concentrating on adding the songs you already have.

3.  Connect your device: You must have a USB cable which came with your iPod/iPhone, Connect it to your computer

4.  Select the music you want to import: Now you decide which songs you want to add to your iPod/iPhone. The number of songs depends on your iPod/iPhone’s capacity. A 2GB iPod can hold roughly around 500 mp3’s. If you are not transferring your entire library, make a Playlist and add that

5.  Sync it: Once step 4 is complete, it is time to Sync your device to confirm the changes. Click on the iPod/iPhone icon in the left column of iTunes. Now click on the Music button in the top bar. Look around and see if the Sync Music box is checked or not, if it is not, check it. If you’re syncing the entire library, select Entire music library. If you’re just syncing a specific playlist then check Selected playlists, artists and genres and select the playlist you have just created for your iPod/iPhone. Now  select the Sync button in the right corner. iTuneswill work its magic and tell you when the task is complete

6.  Eject! Eject: Once iTunes tells you that the Sync is complete, click the small arrow point up to eject the device. Don’t disconnect the device directly just to be safe

Now that we have understood that part, how about me move to when iTunes is not available or if you just don’t like that pesky little application.

One of the ultimate alternative applications is CopyTrans Manager for your iPod/iPhone and iPod Touch manager.

1.  Get CopyTrans Manager. Download a copy from CopyTrans Manager website here

2.  Add music to iTunes. With one click on the iPod + sign you can add music & videos to your iPod Touch. It also supports Drag & Drop functionality which can be used to directly add files to CopyTrans Manager

3. You  have two options to Sync your iPod/iPhone, You can set it to automatically Sync it by activating the option to immediately apply settings or you can apply changes manually by click the Update button on the left of the iPod + button in the top bar.

Other functions that CopyTrans manager supports are:

  • Remove each track without synchronizing the entire library
  • Remove tracks from your playlist using the Eraser icon and confirm your choice by clicking on Yes. The track is no longer in the playlist but will remain in the iPod/iPhone library
  • Add/Edit/Remove tracks from playlists quickly and easily
  • Add tracks from multiple PCs
  • Install CopyTrans Manager directly on to your iPod or USB drive

There you go, it is so simple, anybody can do it.

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